The International Scientific Conference «The Education System as a Sphere for Strengthening the Traditional Large Family»

The International Scientific Conference «The Education System as a Sphere for Strengthening the Traditional Large Family»

On the 7th of December the International Scientific Conference «The Education System as a Sphere for Strengthening the Traditional Large Family» was held at RUDN University.

Organizers: RUDN University, Charitable Foundation for Enlightenment, Spiritual Development of the Personality «Prosvetitel», Synodal Department of Religious Education and Catechism of the Russian Orthodox Church, St. Andrew the First Called Foundation, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.The conference was attended by representatives of federal and regional government bodies, representatives of education authorities of different levels (federal, regional and municipal), representatives of religious and public organizations, the scientific community, including participants of the near abroad - Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, media representatives. The conference was devoted to such issues as the anthropological crisis, the crisis of family relations, strategies for the development of education, the new categories «family-oriented education», «family anthropology», «anthropological approach in education» and others. The participants recognized the importance of forming a common view of society, the family, the educational system as a set of interrelated phenomena, and discussed issues of human development through the interaction of different educational institutions.

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15 Nov 2017
RUDN University scientists publish results of their scientific researches in highly-recognized in whole world and indexed in international databases journals (Web of Science, Scopus ect.). That, of course, corresponds to the high status of the University and its international recognition. Publications of June-September 2017 ( In Journals of categories Q1-Q3)
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30 Dec 2020
In 2017, RUDN University scientists constructed a new explicit second-order precision difference scheme using modern computer algebra methods for 2-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations (NSE) [1]. This year, our mathematicians used a new scheme [2] to construct a numerical solution to the Cauchy problem with initial data (for t=0) as satisfying the continuity equation. Scientists managed to achieve previously unattainable accuracy of the continuity equation.
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11 Oct
The first day — and is a lot of opening!

On September 25 JOINT-STOCK COMPANY “VDNKH” turned into uniform demonstration space. All-Russian festival of technical achievements of “Tekhnosred” united the Russian scientific community: leading scientific and technological companies, higher education institutions and research institutes, and also scientists and leaders of the scientific environment.

06 Jul
How Religion Responded to the Challenge of the Pandemic: Presentation of the Monograph "Religion in Modern Russia: Pandemic Events and Discourses"

The monograph "Religion in Modern Russia: Pandemic Events and Discourses" was presented at the RUDN. RUDN scientists and from other universities conducted the study by Russian Foundation for Basic Research grant under the guidance of Maria Mchedlova, head of the Department of Comparative Politics, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. This is the second book on the relationship between society, politics, and religion in contemporary Russia. It was published jointly with the Federal Research Sociological Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

19 Apr
Young scientists of RUDN Irina Chernykh and Konstantin Gomonov — winners of the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation

Candidates of Science Irina Chernykh and Konstantin Gomonov became the winners of the competition for the Presidential Grant for young scientists. The grants are allocated for two years for basic and applied scientific research.

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