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07 Oct 2019
RUDN University represented by the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications (IAMT) has joined the new COST project “Intelligence-Enabling Radio Communications for Seamless Inclusive Interactions (IRACON), the so-called "COST Action Proposal OC-2019-1-23873." The objectives of the project are the introduction of smart radio communication technology, the provision of platforms for testing new solutions in real conditions, as well as the training of young researchers in the field of smart radio communication through short-term scientific exchanges and youth schools.
07 Oct 2019
RUDN Supercomputer took 13th place in the 31st edition of the Scientific and Research Computing Center of Moscow State University Lomonosov and the Interdepartmental Supercomputer Center Russian Science Academy published 31 editions of the list of Top-50 most powerful computers in the CIS.
07 Oct 2019
On June 18-20, the Center for Additive Technologies of the Institute of Innovative Engineering Technologies of RUDN University took part in the international production exhibition "Rosmould", held in Moscow at the international exhibition center "Crocus Expo". RUDN’s Center demonstrated at the exhibition various samples of printed products of complex shapes made on 3D printers from polyamide, titanium and stainless steel using topological optimization. Examples of diamond-like coatings were also presented that increase the wear resistance of parts such as punches for printing tablets, piston rings and valves for internal combustion engines.
07 Oct 2019
Specialists from the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications of the RUDN University and the Federal Research Center for Informatics and Management are developing algorithms with which mobile operators will be able in the future to share the radio resources of 5G networks and lease them to other companies to increase the efficiency of network use and the provision of new services.
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07 Oct 2019
RUDN University’s new postdock, Abdukodir Khakimov has been hired by the 5G Wireless Network Modeling Center of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications, whose current task is to study fifth-generation network applications. Also, within the framework of the center, joint work will be carried out with telecommunication organizations and institutes of Russia and abroad.
07 Oct 2019
Ekaterina graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Tomsk State University. She also defended where her thesis for the degree of Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences with professor Svetlana Moiseeva as her supervisor. During her work on the thesis, Ekaterina repeatedly participated in scientific events held at the RUDN University where she showed herself as a promising young scientist. Soon after she had received the scientific degree, Ekaterina was offered to take part in the competition for the post-doctoral position of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications of the RUDN University.
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07 Oct 2019
Sociology is studying the use of modern methods of environmental monitoring to assess the mutual influence of soil and plant components at infrastructure facilities in urban areas using the example of recreational areas of New Moscow. The project’s supervisor is Vyacheslav Vasenev, associate professor of the Department of Landscape Design and Sustainable Ecosystems.
07 Oct 2019
Alina Fayngor,   postgraduate student of the 1 year of study, specialty "Technology for obtaining drugs", became the winner of the summit of young pharmacists "Choosing the best. Time forward". The summit was attended by 350 people - representatives of 73 universities from 17 countries.
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07 Oct 2019
July 27 - August 10, the III field international summer school «Anthropogenic and natural landscapes and soils of European Russia: from sea to sea» was held by RUDN University in conjunction with scientific and educational organizations of Russia, Germany and the USA. This year, 50 participants represented Russia, Germany, Italy, China, the USA, Chile and France for 2 weeks crossed the entire European part of Russia from the Barents Sea to the Sea of Azov, to study the zonal diversity of soils and landscapes and evaluate the results of anthropogenic impact on the ecosystem.
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07 Oct 2019
September 5-7, a series of events was held on the basis of the Department of Landscaping and Sustainable Ecosystems of RUDN ATI, dedicated to advanced technologies for monitoring green spaces in urban environments. Employees of the department, invited foreign researchers, as well as representatives of companies in the field of eco-monitoring presented their research projects and practical achievements in assessing the state of urban green infrastructure, shared their experience with monitoring devices, discussed the data and outlined the main prospects for the development of international cooperation in this area.
07 Oct 2019
The seminar "Practical methods of teaching audiovisual translation - the basics", organized by the Department of Foreign Languages of the Academy of Engineering of RUDN University, was another regular event of the permanent interdepartmental scientific seminar of the Commission of the Academic Board of RUDN University on research in the field of modern languages and translation. The workshop was conducted by Alexey Kozulyaev (Russia) and Tiina Holopainen (Finland, online inclusion).
07 Oct 2019
July 6-11, Poland hosted the 44th Congress of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies “From molecules to living systems” bringing together scientists from Austria, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, the USA, France, Sweden and other countries. RUDN University was presented by researchers from the Institute of Biochemical Technology and Nanotechnology (IBCTN) – assistant lecturer Vera Zhilkina and graduate student Anastasia Stoynova.
07 Oct 2019
Tatyana Larina, Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology, RUDN Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, presented the study “Death Penalty and Euthanasia in the Context of Tradition and Liberalism” at the XI International Conference of Applied Research in Politics, Economics, Social Sciences and Technology in London (Great Britain) (ARICPEST) 2019.