The project of RUDN scientists is the winner of the International Environmental Award "EcoWorld" in the nomination "Ecology and Human Health"

The project of RUDN scientists is the winner of the International Environmental Award "EcoWorld" in the nomination "Ecology and Human Health"

The program manager is Professor Anatoly Skalny, Head of the Department of Medical Elementology, RUDN Medical Institute, Vice-President of the Institute of Microelements of UNESCO.

We conducted research on the content of chemical elements in the hair of more than 60,000 Russians. Hair can accumulate information, while a blood test can show problems only during an exacerbation of diseases. So, for example, it can be determined by hair that five years ago a person lived in an area poor in calcium and worked in industries related to electroplating or welding. The quality and composition of water, air and soil directly affect our body. This was known in the middle of the last century. Unfortunately, more such a large-scale work on soil analysis has not been carried out. And so sorry. After all, knowing in which areas, for example, lack of iodine or zinc in soil or water, we could produce enriched products that would restore the imbalance of useful substances in the body, thereby significantly improving the quality of life.

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03 Nov 2017
RUDN University organized the first 5G Summit R&D Russia on June 19 - 20, 2017
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21 Oct
RUDN University mathematician determined the conditions for the coexistence of three species in the wild

RUDN University mathematician together with colleagues from India and France for the first time studied in detail the system of coexistence of three species of living creatures in the wild. The results help to understand what parameters determine the extinction andли survivalof species, and how the number of species changes in space and time.

21 Oct
RUDN University Chemist Created Coordination Polymers Films with up to 99.99% antibacterial efficiency

RUDN University chemist with his colleagues from Portugal has developed two types of coating based on new coordination polymers with silver. Both compounds were successfully tested against four common pathogens.

21 Oct
RUDN scientists have improved titanium dental implants with graphene nanosloyers

RUDN researchers have created and tested a method for processing titanium dental implants. It turned out that theanoslos of graphene on the surface of titanium improve its interaction with stem cells,which are placed on the implant so that it better "takes root".Thanks to this method ofprocessing, stem cells are better kept on the surface, multiply and turn into the desired cells.

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