RUDN physicist awarded IOP Publishing trusted reviewer status

RUDN physicist awarded IOP Publishing trusted reviewer status

Ekaterina Sorokina, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural has been awarded a trusted reviewer status of the British Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP Publishing). Only 15% of reviewers are awarded this status.

Ekaterina has 5 years of hard work: writing high-quality and well-timed reviews of articles in highly ranked scientific journals of IOP Publishing. The result is getting into the top 15% of reviewers in the field of physical sciences without undergoing additional certification. Trusted IOP reviewer status confirms that the reviewer has demonstrated an exceptional level of competence and the ability to critique the scientific literature at a high level.

Without the peer review procedure, it is impossible to verify the accuracy and reliability of the text of a scientific article. The publication of papers that have not passed it often causes specialists to distrust the quality of the research conducted. A reviewer is a person who evaluates a scientific paper according to the established criteria of a scientific journal or publisher. A well-written review takes a lot of effort and time; it is a separate genre of scientific work that is especially valued in the research field.

What makes a good review?

  1. Very thoroughly and detailed, covering all sections of the work being reviewed.
  2. Relevant to the topic of the peer-reviewed paper and the broader scientific field.
  3. Includes a comparative analysis of existing literature.
  4. Submitted in a timely manner.
  5. Clearly substantiated and it meets journal editorial standards.

To read more about the criteria for awarding IOP Publishing reviewer status.

General information: IOP Publishing is the publishing company of the Institute of Physics, the result of the merger of the The Physical Society of London (since 1873) and the Institute of Physics (since 1920). IOP Publishing provides publications through which scientific research is distributed worldwide. Headquarters location: Bristol, England.

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03 Nov 2017
RUDN University organized the first 5G Summit R&D Russia on June 19 - 20, 2017
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