RUDN scientists have found out how to reduce the cost of flights to satellites

RUDN scientists have found out how to reduce the cost of flights to satellites

The RUDN Academy of Engineering has created an algorithm that estimates the trajectory of the flight to the satellites with high accuracy. The development will allow saving on the maintenance of low-orbit satellites and on clearing space from debris.

1200 spacecraft rotate in different orbits around the Earth. However, the period of their active existence is limited due to the short-lived on-board equipment, malfunctions and the inevitable fuel consumption. Classic maintenance schemes, when the service device is launched from the Ground, lead to huge costs. Such schemes are justified if the satellite is in orbit in a single copy and is of high value (for example, the Hubble telescope).

A team of RUDN scientists has found the best solution for servicing low-orbit groups that consist of dozens of satellites — it minimizes fuel consumption due to optimal maneuvering. Using the algorithm on board the service module will allow you to quickly and with high accuracy estimate the trajectory of the flight to the satellites for a limited time, taking into account the fuel supply on board the module.

"One of the primary tasks when creating promising space systems, along with technical implementation and solving legal issues, is the choice of the orbital construction of the system, the calculation of flight trajectories... We have created a number of high-speed algorithms and a software and mathematical apparatus for selecting the orbits of the space service system and analyzing its functioning according to various optimization criteria. Our algorithm is also applicable for assessing dangerous approaches to other satellites and space debris objects," Vladimir Razumny, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Mechanics and Mechatronics, Academy of Engineering, RUDN University.

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30 Jan 2018
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