On Longevity Radiation, and Physics — The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research shares knowledge with RUDN

On Longevity Radiation, and Physics — The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research shares knowledge with RUDN

On October 8-14, Science Festival took place at RUDN: more than a thousand attendees learned new facts about scientific research at the university.

Our partner, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), supplemented the festival program with lectures on exact sciences, artificial intelligence, new medicine, and new production technologies.

Science Festival at RUDN University, not only more than a hundred events at the faculties and seven thematic tracks on the website. But also, online lectures by the RUDN partner — the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR):

Big Data in the Big Science of Particle Physics

Igor Pelevanyuk, software engineer at the JINR Laboratory of Information Technologies, assistant at the Department of Distributed Information and Computing Systems, the Institute for System Analysis and Management of Dubna State University.


About allergies, longevity, and SNP

Anastasia Rusakovich, a researcher from the Sector of Molecular Genetics of Cell of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems JINR engaged in research of genetic information, with a new approach to the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, known as personalized medicine.

In her lecture, Anastasia spoke about two systems developed in the JINR laboratory that evaluate:

  • tendency to develop allergic conditions, based on the FCER1A gene polymorphism;
  • human longevity, based on the FOXO3A gene polymorphism.


The effect of radiation on the body in Space and on Earth

Yuri Severyukhin, a researcher in the Radiation Physiology Sector of the JINR Laboratory of Radiation Biology, spoke about the basic principles of radiobiology, sources of radiation on Earth and in Space, And also spoke about radiation health effects, radiation sickness and radiation syndromes, about the use of radiation in medicine and radiation safety of orbital and long-term human space travel.



On 6 July in Dubna JINR and RUDN University signed cooperation agreement during a visit of a leadership delegation of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) to JINR. The agreement provides joint training of staff in the fields of physics, mathematics, IT, and life sciences, as well as cooperation in the realm of research activities with the use of JINR’s unique equipment.

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03 Nov 2017
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