Environmental policy

Environmental policy

RUDN University is the first university in Russia, where the Faculty of Ecology was founded. The university's experience in the issues of sustainable development, ecology and environmental protection provides the basis for reducing the negative effects on nature and the foundation for improving the environmental legislation.

of the forest cover of the campus area
5 000+
ecologistshave been trained in RUDN since 1992
environmental protection and sustainability events annually
educational courses in the field of ecology and sustainable development
complementary education programmes on ecology and environmental protection, environmental management, sustainable energy development
publications on environmental topics annually
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Research interests of RUDN University include the problems of climate conservation.

In particular, the university develops programmes on conservation of the marine environment and terrestrial ecosystems, protection of species and individual populations of endangered and protected animals. 

Teachers and students conduct research on the conservation and rehabilitation of agro- and industrial landscapes, sustainable nature management in general.

The main impact of the university on the environment implies energy and water consumptionand waste generation.

Since 2012, upon theinitiative of students-ecologists, the entire staff of RUDN University has been involved in separate waste collection. The ecological culture of responsible consumption and careful attitude to the environment is formedat the university. The policy also implies energy and resource saving, as well as maintenance of the green zone of the campus.

The main principles of the environmental policy of RUDN University
28 place in the world
1 place in Russia

RUDN University is a national coordinator of several dozen Russian universities in UI GreenMetric Rankings. The university held the first working seminar in Russia "UI GreenMetric World University Ranking Methodology" headed by the Chairperson of UI GreenMetric, Professor Riri Fitri Sari. 18 Russian universities took part in the seminar.

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia has been on the list of the most environmentally friendly universities of the planet since 2011.

RUDN University strengthens its position in UI GreenMetric Ranking by 5 categories out of 6 – the estimate of the criterion "infrastructure" remains invariably high. Participation of RUDN University in the rating of green universities is an incentive to improve the ecological characteristics of the campus.

UI GreenMetric World University Ranking

The UI GreenMetric World University Ranking appeared in 2010 at the University of Indonesia (UI).

Its goal is to make an objective assessment of the environmental friendliness of campuses, develop programmes and policies in universities.

Infrastructure, energy consumption, waste recycling, water use, transport are analyzed. This list includes more than 600 universities.


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in environmental master's programmes.
Cooperation with the International Center for Sustainable Energy Development
under the auspices of UNESCO on supplementary education programmes.
Geography of universities-partners in educational and scientific cooperation
in the field of ecology, environmental protection, sustainable development: Belarus, Indonesia, Jordan, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, China, etc.