Events and Invitations


6 Dec
World Soil Day
World Soil Day is held annually on December 5, starting in 2013, on the recommendation of the International Soil Science Society. It is celebrated in 177 countries around the world. Soil is a living resource that accounts for over 25% of our planet's biodiversity. Up to 90% of living organisms live or spend part of their life cycle in soil. Soil microorganisms can fight some contaminants.
3 Dec
Scientific seminar «Organometallic Palladium Reagents for Cysteine Bioconjugation»
Bioconjugation reactions that can operate on proteins are recognized as important tools for probing structure-function relationships, developing new therapeutics, and providing total chemical synthesis routes.
Direction: Science
Event format: Seminar
3 Dec
Academic workshop “Renewable energy in Russia: prospects and challenges”
During the seminar, speakers will make reports on the current state of the problem of renewable energy sources in Russia and discuss with the event moderator the prospects for introducing the best world practices in the field of renewable energy in the Russian Federation.
2 Dec
Seminar “An axiomatic approach to human-body functional biodynamics”
The axiomatic theory kernel for further translation into models of specific complex-systems dynamics in health and medicine rests upon a separation of functional organization from material realization, and casts dynamic features of physiological function into mathematical equations from a phenomenological perspective.