Festival of folk traditions

Festival of folk traditions

The event passed
14 - 19 Dec 2019
Moscow, st. Miklukho-Maklaya, 6
Direction: Life in RUDN
Subdirection: Education
Format: Festival
Contact person
Ekaterina Shakun
About the event

Do you know that Georgian folk music is more than 1500 years old? And that Guinea has preserved the musical art of the Griots - stray storytellers, musicians and singers? Maybe you’ve heard that in Yemen, archaic musical instruments, for example, the tambour lyre are still used? And that the Peruvian singer Ima Sumac got into the Guinness Book of Records as the holder of the highest female voice in the world?

You will learn even more interesting facts from the history of musical creativity of the peoples of the world from December 14 to December 19 at the Festival of Folk Traditions at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. In 2019, the theme of the festival is “Voices of the Big Planet”.

Students from 157 countries from all over the world study at RUDN University. The event will be attended by people from all over the world. Students from Laos, Georgia, Palestine, Serbia, Ecuador, Mozambique, Yemen, Sri Lanka and others will introduce their folk musical traditions.

The official opening ceremony of the Festival will take place on December 16, in the lobby of the main building of the RUDN University.

At the festival, you will get acquainted with the main instrumental and song genres of musical folk art from ethnic African drum music to traditional Russian choral singing.

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