International Summer Field School 3MUGIS «Anthropogenic and Natural Soil Landscapes in European Russia: From Sea to Sea

International Summer Field School 3MUGIS «Anthropogenic and Natural Soil Landscapes in European Russia: From Sea to Sea

The event passed
6 - 26 Jul 2020
Contact person
Vyacheslav Vasenev
About the event

Department of Landscape design and sustainable ecosystems invites students, PhD students and other young scientists to participate in the international summer field school “Modeling, monitoring and management of urban green infrastructure and soils (3MUGIS)”. Summer school provides participants with knowledge of modern environmental consequences and possibilities of urbanization with an emphasis on special soil function.

The key topic of 2020 research is the Anthropogenic and natural soil landscapes of the European part of Russia: from sea to sea. The main goal is the development of international cooperation, the development of skills in the monitoring, modeling and mapping of urban soils and green infrastructure in various climatic conditions and in an anthropogenic-transformed environment.


  • 5-day block of lectures, seminars and workshops in RUDN University,
  • 16-day field tour from Teriberka to Abrau-Durso,
  • 6 bioclimatic zones from the tundra to the subtropics,
  • 4 nature reserves,
  • Typical chernozems - the most fertile soils in the world,
  • Kursk Magnetic Anomaly - the world's largest iron ore basin,
  • Starocherkassk - the capital of the Don Cossack culture,
  • Advanced technologies and equipment for express monitoring, etc.

3MUGIS Summer School is organized under the aegis of the International Union of Soil Scientists (IUSS), RUDN University and the Institute of Urban Soils of New York in collaboration with universities, research institutions and research groups from around the world.

Partners: Brooklyn College (USA), Berlin Technical University (Germany), Federal Research Center, Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), Southern Federal University (Russia), etc.

Speakers: Andrea Vannini – prof. of Department of Innovative Development in Biological Systems (Tuscia University, Italy), Jean Louis Morel – prof. at the University of Lorraine (France), Joshua Cheng – professor at Brooklyn College of New York (USA); Michael Leuchner – professor of physical geography and climatology at Aachen University (Germany) and other leading experts in environment, urban ecology, soil science, agronomy and forestry.

All participants will receive an official certificate corresponding to 3 credits (ECTS), recognized by educational programs around the world.

Registration for participation is open on the official website of the summer school -

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