Lecture «Languages and Translation in the Context of Intercultural Communication»

Lecture «Languages and Translation in the Context of Intercultural Communication»

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23 Nov 2022
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Giuliodori Lucho
About the event

On November 23, 2022, academic and methodological online seminar of the Foreign Languages Department of the Agrarian and Technological Institute of RUDN University will be held via Microsoft Teams.

Chev. Prof. Mario Pace, (Ph.D. (Melit), Associate Professor, Head of the Department, Languages and Humanities Education, Faculty of Education University of Malta, language consultant to the Minister of Education) will give lecture entitled “Languages and Translation in the Context of Intercultural Communication”.

The lecture will allow attendees to explore current issues concerning language in use, unique nature of translation as an act of cross-cultural communication that brings in contact different languages, cultures and civilizations. Among the topics addressed is multilingualism, or proficiency in more than one foreign language, that is internationally gaining positive support and is viewed as an educational goal by many European countries in the light of its future development. The lecture will focus on acquiring the necessary terminological and interdisciplinary skills associated with the skills required to achieve translation competence, on how translation theory and practice connects with professional contexts within intercultural communication.

The lecture will be followed by interactive Q&A session.

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