Lecture "Social Knowledge: Problems and Perspectives"

Lecture "Social Knowledge: Problems and Perspectives"

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27 Apr
About the event

27 April at 11:00 MSK

It will be held a Lecture in English by Mara Morini, associate Professor of Political Science of the University of Genoa, within the framework of the scientific-methodical seminar “Social Knowledge: Problems and Prospects”. Lecture topic: " Political Science in Contemporary world ".

Purpose: To discuss with the students the problem of the state of political science in the contemporary world. Examination of the main obstacles to the study of political science.

Basic questions

  • What about the state of art of political science in International Studies?
  • What about the main obstacle to the study of political science?
  • The main issues that are currently being developed as part of the study of the discipline in modern society.
  • Trends and prospects for the development of political science in the modern world.



Mara Morini, associate Professor of Political Science, University of Genoa (Italy).

Participants of the event: Lecturers of the Department of Social Philosophy of the The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, students of the Philosophy Department, pupils at School № 1576 in Moscow.

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