Master class "ESG reporting: open not close. Why does an oil and gas company need a sustainability report?"

Master class "ESG reporting: open not close. Why does an oil and gas company need a sustainability report?"

The event passed
7 Dec 2022
8/5, Podolskoye shosse, Moscow, RUDN Ecological faculty
Contact person
Natalia Lipatova
About the event

In recent years, the trend towards responsibility and environmental friendliness has spread to the field of investment. As a result, the concept of ESG emerged. In Russia, the principles of ESG are less common than abroad, but they are already gradually being introduced into business. Compliance with new environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards in the coming years will become an increasingly important factor for Russian oil and gas companies in accessing foreign markets and obtaining financing for their projects. Of course, 2022 dictates its own rules and forces companies and their stakeholders to rethink their attitude to transparency. Compilation and publication of sustainability reports for 2021 in some companies has been called into question. However, PAO NOVATEK manages to level out in the face of uncertainty, and this year the company was awarded two important awards in the field of ESG transparency. My team and I are working hard to continue to be a sustainable energy supplier. Now the most important question is whether Russia will be able to become one of the decision-making centers, because the rules of the game in the field of ESG are determined by countries and companies that have gone far ahead in the implementation of the energy transition policy

The speaker is Akhmedova Alsu Arturovna, specialist of sustainability department PAO NOVATEK

The workshop participants are undergraduate and graduate students of the RUDN Institute of Environmental Engineering

Event goals: conduct a review of compliance with new environmental; social and governance standards (ESG) of Russian oil and gas companies; discuss graduates employment prospects.

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