Seminar “Implementing 5G New Radio Using Software-Defined Radio”

Seminar “Implementing 5G New Radio Using Software-Defined Radio”

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9 Dec 2022
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 9 December at 15.00 MSK


Mohamed Ebrahim Hosny Radwan and Salma Hassan Abd El-Hamed , Zagazig university

Keynote Abstract

Fifth-generation cellular (5G) systems support new demands and requirements to enable new use cases and novel services. The transmission rate is supposedly increased up to 100 times the value of the last release of the fourth-generation cellular system (4G), and the peak transmission rate is expected to reach 10 Gbit/s.

One of the main targets for 5G is to reduce the end-to-end delay to 10 ms for the first commercial releases and to 1 ms (5 ms while moving) to support ultrareliable low-latency communications (uRLLC) such as vehicular communications, augmented and virtual reality (AR, VR), and the Tactile Internet. Furthermore, 5G is expected to achieve a spectrum efficiency improvement of 5 to 10 times, and the user experience can be guaranteed at a speed of 500 km/h. Fifth-generation cellular systems face many challenges, including the massive traffic that is expected to be 1000 times that of the existing systems.

To solve these challenges and develop a 5G system that meets the announced third-generation partnership project (3GPP) and international telecommunication union (ITU), novel technologies should be introduced to traditional cellular systems. 5G new radio (NR) is among the critical parts of these novel added technologies.

To this end, this project considers developing a novel SDR-based platform to realize the transceiver of the physical downlink shared channel of 5G NR. The platform meets the 3GPP, and ITU announced requirements. SDR will be used to implement 5G radio instead of traditional hardware modules. The system will be implemented at hardware and software levels. Various scenarios will be considered to evaluate the performance of the developed platform


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