Master class “The work of a special correspondent: how to cover world events in Russia and abroad”

Master class “The work of a special correspondent: how to cover world events in Russia and abroad”

The event passed
6 Dec 2022
auditorium 225, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, RUDN
Contact person
Spynu Larisa Mikhailovna
About the event

12. 06. 2022 at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, a master class in French was held on the topic “The work of a special correspondent: how to cover world events in Russia and abroad” for student studying French with a special correspondent at the Kremlin pool of journalists (Radio Vesti FM and Mayak) by Ilya Maksimovich Yezhov. During the event, Ilya Maksimovich introduced the students to the history, the structure of Radio Vesti FM and Mayak and the development of the news agency today, as well as the use of a foreign language, in particular French, in the organization’s work. Also, the speaker considered the features of working as a special correspondent and gave advice on the preparation and presentation of materials on the global agenda in the media.

The purpose of the meeting: to introduce students to the specifics of a foreign language in the work of Radio Vesti FM and Mayak.

Meeting objectives:

  1. To acquaint the participants of the meeting with the history, structure and growth prospects of Radio Vesti FM and Mayak, as well as with the peculiarities of using a foreign language in the agency’s work.
  2. Consider the features of working as a special correspondent, tips on preparing and presenting materials on the global agenda in the media.
  3. Answer students’ questions.


The meeting will be attended by students of 2-4 years studying the language at the RUDN University and teachers.

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