Webinar «Development and Quality Evaluation of microalgae-enriched 3D food products»

Webinar «Development and Quality Evaluation of microalgae-enriched 3D food products»

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5 Dec 2022
About the event

 5 December at 10.30 MSK

Currently, 3D printing technology has opened new perspectives as a promising area with abundant technological advancement and innovation in designing and customizing functional 3D items of any form or shape with desired qualities based on individual’s unique demand, providing enormous opportunities for growth and development.

3D food printing is a digitally-controlled technique that attempts to produce complicated solid food products layer by layer without the use of object-specific tooling, moulding, or human intervention.

Launched as a culinary revolution by cooking layers of food with diverse material combinations.

To meet unique demand of individual needs and special consumer categories by controlling the amount of printing material and nutrition content.

Increased the demand for flavors, and vitamins with specific chemical and structural qualities, as well as longer shelf-life properties.

This method not only digitally visualizes food modification, but it also opens up a new market for distinctive food manufacture.

The speakers are Dr. Vinod Kumar, Associate Professor at the Department of Life Sciences, Graphic Era University, Research Scholar at the Department of Life Sciences, Graphic Era University, Dr. Kurbatova A.I., Associate Professor at the Department of Environmental Monitoring and Product Quality Management.

The webinar participants are undergraduate and graduate students of the RUDN Institute of Environmental Engineering.

Event goals:

  • discuss healthy and sustainable protein alternatives;
  • introduce the participants to the latest developments in 3D food printing with living material (microalgae);
  • discuss graduates science and employment prospects.


Venue — online in Zoom; link for registration

Link for joining: us05web.zoom.us

Meeting ID: 821 1192 2033
Passcode: FF3gmA

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