School for prospective master students “Pedagogy as an art: looking into the future”

School for prospective master students “Pedagogy as an art: looking into the future”

The event passed
21 - 23 Apr 2020
Contact person
Karavanova Lyudmila Zhalalovna
About the event

Under the implementation of the major Project of Competitiveness Enhancement (Project “5-100”) the Institute for Foreign Languages will host an online format for a session of the School for prospective master students “Pedagogy as an art: looking into the future” The School unites those who are interested in a successful business and scientific career in the field of pedagogy, psychology, theoretical and applied linguistics, translation and translation studies, methods of teaching foreign languages and cultures, foreign regional studies, the theory of intercultural communication, public relations, advertising and management .

The School for prospective master students will bring together students from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Cyprus, Spain, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Guinea Bissau, and the DPRK.

In modern conditions, pedagogical and psychological knowledge is becoming a decisive factor in the professional development of specialists in various fields of activity.

Organizational and managerial activities as an integral part of professional training provide training for leaders and competitive specialists.

Graduates of the Institute of Foreign Languages of RUDN University carry out interpersonal interlanguage mediation aimed at the effective interaction of staff members involved in educational, scientific, negotiation and business processes, participate in the leveling of conflict situations.

Foreign languages studied in all areas at the Institute of Foreign Languages of the RUDN University provide its graduates with the advantage of successful employment in a multicultural world on all continents.

Participants will meet with the faculty of the departments of social pedagogy and theory and practice of foreign languages. They listen to lectures by teachers, psychologists, and teachers of foreign languages who own innovative teaching methods and information and communication technologies, and experience in introducing inclusive education.

The main sections of the the School for prospective master students “Pedagogy as an art: looking into the future” are:

  • “Psychological and pedagogical foundations of organizational and managerial activities"
  • “Theory of communication and international public relations (PR)”
  • “Theory of communication and simultaneous translation”
  • “Foreign Regional Studies. European Region”

Each of the participants will be able to present their vision of a scientific problem, sometimes and contrary to the generally accepted point of view.

Undergraduate students are invited to participate!

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