Seminar “Bistable nonlocal reaction-diffusion equation. Part II”

Seminar “Bistable nonlocal reaction-diffusion equation. Part II”

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4 Mar 2021
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4 March at 16:30 MSK

Topic: Bistable nonlocal reaction-diffusion equation. Part II.

We study the effects of nonlocal control of front propagation in excitable media. As a generic example we consider Nagumo equation, which is a paradigmatic model of a bistable media in which one can observe front propagation. Nonlocal term in a noninvasive form which includes shifts to both sides is added. We find that the nonlocal interaction modifies the propagating wavefront of the reaction-diffusion equation such that spatio-temporal patterns are changing.


Daria Neverova, researcher of the S.M. Nikol’skii Mathematical Institute of Peoples Friendship University of Russia.

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