Seminar “Consumerism and sustainability in the modern epoch”

Seminar “Consumerism and sustainability in the modern epoch”

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10 Sep 2021
About the event

September 10 at 15:00 MSK

A workshop on "Consumerism and sustainability: myth or reality" will be held for groups of undergraduates of 1-4 courses and groups of undergraduates of 1-2 courses of the Institute of Environmental Engineering.

The purpose of the event

The scientific seminar is dedicated to the modern era of consumerism and its impact on the environment. It is supposed to discuss issues related to the possibility of finding a reasonable balance between modern consumption and the degree of its impact on the environmental situation both in a single country and on a global scale.



Dr Erik Olsen – senior lecturer, hold BA degree in history from the State University of New York, MA and PhD degrees from the university of Amsterdam, faculty of Humanities. His main research interests are American history and ESL/EAP teaching. 

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