Seminar «Matters on dual and second language acquisition»

Seminar «Matters on dual and second language acquisition»

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24 Mar 2022
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24 March at 18:00 MSK

The lecture will discuss critical issues of dual and second language acquisition.

First, childhood bilingualism will be discussed aiming to provide an answer to questions like:

  • Do bilingual children confuse the two languages?
  • Is there a cognitive advantage/deficit of bilingual children compared to monolingual children?
  • How much exposure to each language is necessary for a child to become bilingual?

Bilingualism development will be explained through the framework of well-known theories.

Second, the lecture will focus on second language acquisition. It will attempt to compare first and second language acquisition to designate divergent and convergent aspects between the two procedures. The influence of first language on second language will be also discussed.



Dr Georgios P. Georgiou – Tenure-Track Faculty in LinguisticsDepartment of Languages and Literature School of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Nicosia (Cyprus), Senior Lecturer in Linguistics Department of foreign Languages Philological Faculty Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

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