Seminar on nonlinear problems of PDE and mathematical physics

Seminar on nonlinear problems of PDE and mathematical physics

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24 Sep 2019
Moscow Russia, 3, Ordzhonikidze st., аud. 458
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Speaker: PhD Kabakouala Andre (RUDN University)

Title of the talk: Construction of the solitons of the Camassa-Holm equation and description of Camassa-Holm as an evolution system of Newton type.

There are discussed results obtained jointly with Prof. Frank Merle.We construct the solitons of Camassa-Holm equation which converge to the peakon. Next, we prove that all states of Camassa-Holm and those of Degasperis-Procesi   equation are in Newton type interaction. Finally, we present an algorithm which allows to convert all real number to a Newton force.

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