The III All-Russian Seminar "Reproductive Potential of Russia: Moscow Controversies"

The III All-Russian Seminar "Reproductive Potential of Russia: Moscow Controversies"

The event passed
29 - 31 Mar 2018
About the event

In the conditions of reforming the health care system and medical education, Russia appeared on the verge of another demographic decline: in 2016 the number of births was only 5,500 more than the number of deaths. The generation of the 1990s, inconsiderable in number and, as it turned out, rather sickly, reached reproductive age. The service of motherhood and childhood protection is the first to face this demographic challenge and especially high demands are usually made on it.

Fortunately, the results of maternal and infant mortality in 2016 turned out to be phenomenally low (10.1 per 100 thousand live births and 5.1 ‰, V.I. Skvortsova’s report as of March 14, 2017). However, obvious success requires the entire obstetric-gynecological service and every practitioner to constantly confirm and develop their competences.

Professional conferences are one of the most important tools; 70% of Russian experts consider them the main source of new information. In turn, controversies are the most interesting, entertaining and popular conference format.

Another distinctive feature of the event is educational one (a large number of schools, master classes, interactive meetings) meeting the needs of the newly created system of continuing medical education in the country.

The objective of Moscow Controversies is both to identify the key problems of reproductive medicine and to teach how to work more efficiently, to give valid and proven world and domestic recommendations.

Geography of participants: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Austria, Germany.

Theme (agenda) of the event:

  • the known and the unknown about the reproductive function outside and during pregnancy;
  • periconceptional multivitamin supplementation, pregnancy and childbirth;
  • endocrine daily routine of gynecology;
  • cervical diseases;
  • perinatal risk management: not by cesarean operation alone;
  • the evolution of reproductive infectology;
  • reduction of the risks of pregnancy complications;
  • endometrium hyperplasia in the clinician’s practice. What to fear?
  • surgery of reproductive organs: versions and controversies;
  • Is it necessary to correct the biocenosis after bacterial vaginosis and vulvovaginal candidiasis?
  • cervical screening in Russia;
  • endometriosis: revision of ideology;
  • controlled iron deficiency in woman's life;
  • aspiration biopsy as a non-alternative diagnostic method. Disadvantages of separate diagnostic curettage;
  • uterine myoma: from new ideas about pathogenesis to innovations in treatment.

Conditions for participation in the event: information letter

Results of the event: a collection of scientific articles

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