VI World Conference on Media and Mass Media "Communication and Cultural Change" (MEDCOM 2020)

VI World Conference on Media and Mass Media "Communication and Cultural Change" (MEDCOM 2020)

The event passed
28 - 30 May 2020
Contact person
Natalia Poplavskaya
About the event

The University of Cagliari (Italy) hosts the VI World Conference on Media and Mass Media “Communication and Cultural Change” (MEDCOM 2020), RUDN University is the official academic partner of the event.

The purpose of the conference is to build a modern international community of experts and researchers in the field of mass media and mass communications, to get acquainted with the latest trends, developments and problems, covering a wide range of communication and cultural aspects.

Main directions of the conference:

  • Social Media: Impact, Future, Challenges
  • Theory of Communication, Languages ​​and the Media
  • Civil Society Communication
  • Political Parties: Programs and Activities
  • Communication Healthcare, Emergency Research and Environmental Studies.
  • Journalism
  • Multicultural Communication, Cultural Studies, Religion, Youth and Gender Communication
  • Media Education
  • Media and corporate communications
  • TV culture

MEDCOM 2020 is the sixth in a series of successful media and mass communication conferences organized by The International Institute for Knowledge Management (TIIKM). The standards and quality of MEDCOM conferences are highly appreciated by the professional world community.

More information is available on the website:

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