Online flashmob #ReadingOneginTogether

Online flashmob #ReadingOneginTogether

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26 May - 6 Jun 2020
About the event

On June 6, the whole world celebrates the birthday of the great Russian poet, Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. Without exaggeration, he can be called the national symbol of our country, he has given us a modern literary language and his beautiful works that have not lost their relevance to this day. 

Seven years, four months and seventeen days. That is exactly how long it took Alexander 

Sergeyevich to write one of his greatest works, the novel “Eugene Onegin”. For his contemporaries, this was a real action series, which was followed for several years. 

On the eve of Pushkin’s 221th birthday, we want you to dive into the “encyclopedia of Russian life” by participating in the flash mob “Reading Pushkin Together.” 

It is very simple. You just shoot a video on your phone or tablet, where you read one of the first three excerpts of “Eugene Onegin” in Russian and the you upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #ReadingOneginTogether. From videos posted before June 1, inclusive, we’ll do one video, which we will post on social networks. 

Alexander Sergeyevich dreamed about traveling all his life, but he never once visited abroad. Our goal is to show that his works are loved and appreciated throughout the world, that the language in which he wrote unites millions of people on Earth, regardless of location and religion, because art is one for all. Together we preserve the unique heritage of Russian culture, the protection of which is guaranteed by the basic law of the country.

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