Workshop "World Earth Day"

Workshop "World Earth Day"

The event passed
18 Mar
Contact person
Ulanova Kapitolina Leonidovna
About the event

18 March at 9:00 MSK

The purpose of the event ​​is attracting the attention of ecology students to the main global environmental and social problems on Earth and ways to solve them.

To achieve this goal, the following tasks were set:

  • expansion of students' knowledge about the problems of human relationships and the surrounding world;
  • development of skills of cooperation in group work;
  • development of oral speech skills (monologue statements in English, the ability to participate in a dialogue).

Students of Institute of Environmental Engineering will take part in the workshop «World Earth Day». The program includes presentations of students with reports on the topic of the event, watching educational videos, a discussion about how to save the planet, how to improve life on it.


For reference

Worldwide, on March 20, at the initiative of the United Nations, World Earth Day is celebrated. It is timed to the Day of the Vernal Equinox and has a peacemaking and humanistic aims.

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