International cooperation
05 Jul
A delegation from Ghana visits RUDN University

RUDN University welcomed a delegation of three Municipal Assemblies of the Republic of Ghana - Korle Klottey, La Dade-Kotopon and Ledzokuku. At the meeting the parties discussed the results of the educational school “Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy”, held at the Institute of Ecology of RUDN University this year.

International cooperation
06 Jun
Expanding Educational Cooperation: RUDN University Hosts BRICS Network University International Governing Board Meeting

The BRICS Network University International Governing Board is the main coordinating body of the educational consortium. Russia is chairing BRICS in 2024. The event took place in the run-up to the meeting of the Ministers of Education of the countries of the association. The meeting is to take place in Kazan on 11 June.

International cooperation
21 May
A delegation from Oman visits RUDN University

May 20, RUDN received a delegation from Nizwa University, one of the leading educational and scientific institutions in the Sultanate of Oman.

International cooperation
05 Apr
RUDN environmentalists will train the specialists from Ghana on the effective waste management

10 profile officers of the Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly from the city of Accra (Ghana) are being trained at the school "Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy" of the Institute of Environmental Engineering of RUDN University.

Life in RUDN
26 Feb
Window to the World: RUDN University foreign students spoke at VDNH on the reason why education in Russia is more than receiving a diploma

On a Sunday winter day at the exhibition named “Russia” RUDN University gathered students, partners, colleagues, and organized lectures under the title “We are different! We are equal! We are together!” The event took place in Pavilion 57 on the platform of the Russian Society “Znanie”. And on this day the hall was jam-packed.

International cooperation
17 Feb
RUDN University and Ghana: Common Strategy for Education-Business-Science

RUDN University is to train 100 specialists in Agronomy and Ecology for Ghana at the request of its industrial partner, the Jospong Group, which unites 60 companies. The number of trained personnel will amount to over 600 within 5 years. The fields of study which are of interest to the partner include Agronomy, Information Technology, Applied Nature Management, Ecology. The company is ready to pay for travel, accommodation and scholarships for these students. RUDN University will accept students within preferential rights.

International cooperation
06 Feb
“This trip would be incomplete without visiting the university”: on the visit of the delegation of the Republic of The Gambia to RUDN University

The delegation of the Republic of The Gambia led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Mamadou Tangara visited the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. Members of the delegation met with Rector Oleg Yastrebov and the staff of the Agricultural and Technological Institute of RUDN University, went on a tour of biotechnological laboratories and a laboratory for studying soils chemical composition and properties.

18 Jan
RUDN University agronomist found wheat genetically resistant to fungus

A RUDN agrotechnologist has identified wheat genotypes that are resistant to a dangerous fungal pathogen that infects plants even before the snow melts and reduces yields.

International cooperation
12 Jan
Research of the Eurasian space, study of international law, learning the Russian language... RUDN receives a delegation from Ibn Haldun University

January 10–11, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia received a delegation from Ibn Haldun University (Turkey), the parties holding negotiations on expanding scientific and academic cooperation in the humanitarian areas.

International cooperation
12 Jan
Start of the registration for RUDN Open Olympiad for foreign citizens

The winners of the Open Olympiad will have an opportunity to study in their chosen major on a tuition-free basis; the awardees will have a discount on the cost of tuition.

International cooperation
11 Jan
From the ecology of soul and body to the ecology of life: development of the BRICS member countries youth cooperation discussed at RUDN

RUDN University held a presentation of the Russian stage of the International and interregional socio-cultural program “BRICS Peoples Choose Life”. It is held with the aim of developing cooperation between the youth of the BRICS member countries in the cultural, educational and business spheres.

10 Jan
RUDN Engineers Have Calculated the Parameters of the Heat Rejection System for a Lunar Power Plant

RUDN University engineers have calculated the parameters of a system that can prevent lunar power plants from overheating. These developments will be needed when planning for long-term lunar missions and colonizing the satellite.