Life in RUDN
23 May
A kaleidoscope of cultures and events: what do you remember about Planet South-West 2022?

May 14, RUDN University hosted the 34th Planet South-West festival. Patrice Lumumba square gathered more than 3 thousand guests. 500 students prepared exhibitions from 61 countries and a concert of 53 numbers. The most popular groups of RUDN Interclub — from “Rhythms of Friendship” and “Rainbow” to the folk group “Krapiva” and the Caucasian Dance Studio greeted the guests with songs and dances.

Life in RUDN
23 May
Victoria Orlova, a student at RUDN Medical Institute: During four courses of study I have been thinking “Why is the profession of a nurse so underestimated?”

It is widely believed that a nurse is supposed to give and bring. But this is absolutely not true. My name is Victoria Orlova, I am a 4th year student of the Medical Institute of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, majoring in “Nursing”.

Life in RUDN
18 May
RUDN Psychological Help Hotline

A hotline for psychological assistance operates around the clock and free of charge for RUDN University students and staff.

Life in RUDN
26 Apr
Results of the direct line of the Rector of RUDN University with foreign students — April 15

On April 15, Rector of RUDN University Oleg Yastrebov held the third meeting with foreign students of the University. 213 users joined the meeting online. 32 presidents of the fraternities were in the hall in person. In advance, the students sent 23 questions to the Rector, and 40 questions were asked in the chat.

Life in RUDN
25 Apr
Current information: storing students’ belongings during their absence from the hostel

Many RUDN University students are not in Russia now, but their belongings remained in the dorm rooms. Information is provided on where the personal belongings of RUDN University students, who do not live in the hostel for more than one month from March 1, 2022, will be stored.

Life in RUDN
13 Apr
Current information for students: how to transfer money from abroad

We have collected up-to-date information for RUDN students about the ways how to transfer money from abroad to Russia.

Life in RUDN
02 Apr
Fast and convenient: the Multipurpose Center of RUDN University rendered more than 132,000 services in a year

Up to 1,500 visitors a day turn to the Multipurpose Center of RUDN University. More than 132,000 services were provided by specialists during the year. RUDN University became the first university to open an MPC.

Life in RUDN
22 Mar
Where can I receive money transfers from abroad? Is it possible to study remotely? What will happen to my personal belongings left in the hostels? Rector of RUDN University Oleg Yastrebov had a second meeting with international students

March 15, RUDN Rector Oleg Yastrebov met with international students for the second time in one month, talking to 41 presidents of university national communities who gathered in the hall and more than 3,000 participants online, in two hours answering 59 questions.

Life in RUDN
17 Mar
RUDN Medical Center: adjustment of the medical insurance policy

Students who paid for a medical insurance policy at RUDN Medical Center, but were not in Russia in the 2020/2021 academic year and / or will not return to Russia until the end of the 2021/2022 academic year, will have the policy adjusted.

Life in RUDN
05 Mar
About distance mode of study, tuition payment and places in student hostels. RUDN University Rector Oleg Yastrebov meets with international students

On 1 March RUDN University Rector Oleg Yastrebov met international students — 31 presidents of national student associations gathered in the hall. Over 2 thousand participants connected to the live broadcast. In two and a half hours, the rector answered 92 questions and allotted tasks based on them.

Life in RUDN
03 Mar
“I wish RUDN University could bring up ‘Beautiful People’ for many more years”, — Daria Stanis, Associate Professor of the Department of Public Administration

About the memory of grandfather, about the joy for the success of classmates, about the love of philosophy and about the fact that a life partner can be found at a lecture — in an interview for the media project “Thousands of stories — one university”

Life in RUDN
02 Mar
“Nothing surprising. RUDN University is our home”

Love for the profession, pride in friends and family happiness — in an interview with Elena Nikolaevna Baryshnikova, Associate Professor of the Department of Russian Language and Methods of Teaching Russian.