Life in RUDN
17 Mar
RUDN is the first university in Russia to open the Multipurpose center

RUDN University makes the educational environment more comfortable and makes 54 services for students and employees available in a single Multipurpose center. Now you can get all necessary documents in one place.

Life in RUDN
10 Mar
How a Kenyan student left his mother’s care and decided to change the education system in the home country

The youngest of five siblings, Denis Musau Musyimi, entered RUDN master’s program to feel independent. His departure from Kenya is a model of constructive rebellion. Yes, he was relieved of parental care for a while. But the son of English teachers sees his future exclusively in the academic environment.

Life in RUDN
10 Mar
“In the cinema, we are shown other realities. Medical ethics does not allow telling a patient that he is dying," Roman Sharifi, resident of RUDN Medical Institute

Read in an interview with Roman Sharifi, resident of the Medical Institute from Afghanistan about the profession of an oncologist, how doctors tell about disappointing diagnoses and how to cope with psychological stress.

Life in RUDN
06 Mar
“Let the festive atmosphere, filled with the warmth and freshness of the first flowers, surround you every day, let spring bring happy encounters, events and let your wishes come true,” — Oleg Yastrebov, Rector of RUDN University

Life in RUDN
19 Feb
We can be different people, live on lands with different climates, but the common love for plants always remains unshakable

32-year-old Emmanuel Nkweto from Zambia is studying in Russia a specialty that he loves with all his soul. The master’s student found a lot in common between our countries in the approach to work. He was happy to talk about his formation, family and practice at RUDN.

Life in RUDN
17 Feb
I know, there will be a city here: young architect Khaula Mutaz on her plans to create cultural centers and parks in Sudan

Khaula Mutaz is completing a bachelor’s degree at the Engineering Academy of RUDN. She dreams of returning to Sudan and establishing herself as a professional artist. So, she decided to enter the master’s program “Modern landscape architecture and urban design” and get another profession. And, as Khaula says, the way to suc-cess in the creative profession is hard.

Life in RUDN
12 Feb
RUDN University in the second semester, 2020-2021 academic year

RUDN has resumed full-time training in compliance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor.

Life in RUDN
11 Feb
Stepping into a new decade: RUDN University celebrates its birthday

We are lighting stars, expanding horizons and changing reality — the University is celebrating the 61st Birthday. Borders are closed, but we have managed to bring together hundreds of students, alumni and staff from different countries. We talked about achievements of 2020 and set goals for 2021. We received video congratulations from alumni, presented state awards and held an online concert.

Life in RUDN
06 Feb
Back to RUDN dorms: tell us you are coming

RUDN students are supposed to inform specialists of the Department of Comprehensive Services for Residents of Campus Directorate about their return to the dorm one day before arrival (send an email).

Life in RUDN
05 Feb
Congratulations of RUDN Rector and President on the University's birthday

Life in RUDN
01 Feb
"Grade book from ice" and cajoling the Learned Cat - how RUDN University celebrated Student's Day

An ice grade book and warm smiles, sour cream for the Learned Cat, and holidays to students. January 25, RUDN University celebrated students’ “professional” holiday.

Life in RUDN
29 Jan
61st anniversary "University is lighting the stars!"

One more year has passed, we are 61!