RUDN University makes submitting documents easier for foreign citizens

RUDN University makes submitting documents easier for foreign citizens

Application period is extended

RUDN University has extended the application period for bachelor’s, master’s, specialist’s and postgraduate programmes for foreign citizens.  

Thus, foreign citizens can make an application to be enrolled in the fee-paying mode of study in bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s programmes until 30 October (in the full-time and part-time mode of study) and in a distance mode until 20 November 2020. 

To be enrolled in postgraduate programmes on a fee-paying basis foreign citizens can submit documents for the full-time mode of study until 30 October,  and for individually adjusted curriculum  until 14 November 2020 (in a distance mode – until 1 December).

Documents are submitted in electronic format 

In order to make an application to be enrolled in the 1st year of a bachelor’s / specialist’s / master’s / postgraduate programme, a foreign citizen is to submit the following documents:

  • copy of a degree certificate or diploma supplement and, if necessary, the translation of the document into Russian;
  • scanned copy of the passport or other identification or citizenship document; 
  • consent to personal data processing;
  • copy of a medical certificate stating no contradictions for studying in the Russian Federation, as well as the HIV-negative status and AIDS-negative status; 
  • copies of other documents, e.g. confirming the victory in international Olympiads or other professional competitions; and
  • photo.

All the documents are to be submitted to RUDN University either by means of the RUDN University website, or to the corporate emails:

for bachelor’s, master’s, specialist’s programmes – to the contacts of the Department of Recruiting and Support for International Students:

for postgraduate programmes – to the contacts of the Higher Qualification Personnel Training Department

Original documents are to be submitted during the first year of studies.

! Applicants will be enrolled in the fee-paying mode of study after the money enters the university account.

Talented prospective students’ personal portfolio is taken  into account

This year RUDN University carries out admissions of foreign citizens to the bachelor’s / master’s / specialist’s and postgraduate programmes on a competitive basis taking into account the assessment of the portfolio presented by a foreign applicant. The GPA with a focus on the results in major for the future specialty subjects, participation in competitions in major subjects, recommendations from RUDN University, nongovernmental organizations, associations of Russian and foreign institutions will be taken into account.  To be enrolled in master’s and postgraduate programmes the positions in the world rankings of the university where the applicant obtained a previous degree will be taken into account. Scientific articles and a motivation letter are required to be enrolled in postgraduate programmes. 

Thus, at RUDN University, the portfolio of an international prospective student is considered according to the following criteria:

  • GPA of the previous level of education, including the score in major subjects;
  • participation in competitions in major for the chosen field of study / specialty disciplines;
  • recommendations (or other analogous documents) from nongovernmental organizations, associations, Russian foreign missions, establishments, etc.;
  • position of the university, whose education certificate the applicant submits when being enrolled, in the world rankings (for master’s and postgraduate programmes);
  • scientific articles (for postgraduate programmes); 
  • motivation letter (for postgraduate programmes).

The contribution of each selection criterion to the overall ranking of a candidate is determined by the Admissions Office upon recommendation of the President of the Admissions Office.

Start of the academic year may be flexible

RUDN University plans to start the academic year on 1 September. If the borders remain closed the studies will start in online mode – the university is entitled to enrol foreign citizens regardless of the fact of crossing of the borders.

This year RUDN University launches the Digital Preparatory Faculty for the first time. Most classes will be available online – international students will be able to start learning Russian and immerse themselves into materials of the professional disciplines even before they come to Moscow. A part of the Digital Preparatory Faculty classes will be conducted in a distance mode – the students will have to complete an offline module before the start of the next year. The Digital Preparatory Faculty starts as a pilot project in 2020 and it will be available, first of all, for the citizens of Georgia, Zambia, Jordan, China, Lebanon, Namibia, Syria, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Ecuador.

The general information on the international students’ admissions, submitting documents for being enrolled on a fee-paying mode of study (under the contract of providing educational services on a fee-paying basis) at RUDN University in 2020:

Level and Mode of Study

Application Deadline

Contacts for Submitting Documents

Bachelor’s / Specialist’s / Master’s Programmes

full-time and part-time mode

30 October  and/or to the Department of Recruiting and Support for
International Students:



20 November

Postgraduate Programmes

full-time mode

30 October and/or to 
(Higher Qualification Personnel Training Department)

full-time mode with individual (adjusted) curriculum 

14 November

distance mode

01 December


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26 Oct 2020
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Take part in the II Online RUDN University Olympiad for foreign citizens

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