Business communication - from correspondence to negotiations at a master class from Consortium Energoresurs

Business communication - from correspondence to negotiations at a master class from Consortium Energoresurs

On June 14, first-year students of the Master's program in Linguistics at the IMEB RUDN University met with the representative of the young company Consortium Energoresurs, Deputy Head of the Office for Work with Foreign Partners, Georgy Abrahamyan, at the workshop “Modern trends in Russian companies’ activity”.

Consortium Energoresurs is a rapidly growing Russian company. Currently, the company is focused on the construction of stadiums in Qatar, in Doha, where the World Cup will be held in November 2022. The peculiarity of construction is that for the first time all 8 stadiums will be so close to each other that they can be reached by metro. This is a big challenge for the companies participating in this grandiose project, starting with negotiations with foreign partners and ending with the technical details of the construction. Speaking about the features of the development of Russian business at the present stage, Georgy Abrahamyan emphasized that a business culture, which includes a culture of business correspondence, negotiation, and observance of business etiquette during the transaction, remains one of the key provisions in Russian business. In this regard, the study of the language of business and professional communication is designed to facilitate the tasks of participants in foreign language communication.

Students were offered situations from the daily practice of the company’s department: filling out excerpts of documents, namely drawing up and translating part of the contracts implying knowledge and application of specialized translation techniques (practical development of skills acquired by students during the theoretical course); role situations were discussed, such as negotiating, a meeting with a representative of foreign countries to identify shortcomings and discuss a further work plan.

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