RUDN students met with the company "Servier"

RUDN students met with the company "Servier"

On May 24, students of the Medical Institute in the fields of Pharmacy and General Medicine met with the Servier company and took part in a master class.

Servier is an international pharmaceutical company managed by a non-profit foundation. It is more than 25 years in the Russian market. The headquarters is located in France. It is engaged in the development of drugs in 5 therapeutic areas: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, oncology, immuno-inflammatory diseases, neurodegenerative diseases.

“Our company has an effective training system for personal development, where employees develop their personal effectiveness, creativity, leadership skills, ability to manage complex situations and conflicts, which allows you to quickly integrate into the work process. Career growth is possible within the first two years, and the best employees are awarded with foreign trips, ”said company representatives.

Those who wish to work in Servier can send their resume to the email address marked “Servier”.

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