“I also study French” — the series of seminars of the Russian-French University has ended

“I also study French” — the series of seminars of the Russian-French University has ended

RUDN and MGIMO students held three seminars for those who study French. The meetings were attended by students from 5 partner universities under the project of the Russian-French Network University.

February 28, students who had only recently begun to learn French built phrases about their plans and goals. Together with Ekaterina Savleva and Olfa Louati (Tunisia), representatives of the Faculty of Philology and Engineering Academy of RUDN University, and participants analyzed the texts on the topic of the seminar, getting acquainted with new vocabulary and grammar rules.

Students with an advanced level of French (B1-B2) met at a seminar on March 28. The lesson was devoted to personal growth and efficiency. Students duscussed how to properly plan time, develop self-discipline and self-organization. Charlene Perova, a student of the Engineering Academy, and Alexander Pasano, a student at MGIMO, together with the participants of the seminar learned new vocabulary, read texts and completed exercises in an interactive way. In the end, students watched a video and answered questions on self-development.

The final seminar on April 18 was held for students with C1-C2 level of French. Under the guidance of Varvara Zolotova, a student of the Faculty of Philology of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, the participants discussed the problems of observance of the rights of men and women. Students told what they think about equality in the modern world.

The Russian-French Network University comprises RANEPA, RFTA, MEPhI, ITMO and RUDN.

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