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26 Dec 2022
RUDN University Mathematicians Createa Model for an Inter-banking Processing Center

RUDN University mathematicians have proposed a model for a service system in which one server processes multiple request streams. Unlike analogues, new model forbids to interrupt the operating of the request, even if the time allocated for the stream, in which it arrives, has expired. The results can be used, for example, in banking.

21 Dec 2022
Stem cell therapy for diabetic ulcers has not been fully effective on a long-term scale

A RUDN physician and Russian scientists investigated for the first time the long-term effects of treating diabetic ulcers with stem cells. Doctors concluded that despite the positive effect in the early stages of healing, this technique needs to be improved.

19 Dec 2022
RUDN University Chemist Creates Nanofilter to Clean Water from Toxic Dyes

RUDN University chemist with colleagues from India and Korea created a nanofilter for water purification from synthetic dyes. The graphene-based composite can quickly remove up to 100% of harmful compounds from water, and it can be used up to seven times without losing efficiency. In addition, the synthesis of the nanofilter itself is economical and environmentally friendly.

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12 - 13 Oct
International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern Media Text and Forensic Expertise: Interdisciplinary Connections and Expert Evaluation”
International research and practice conference “Modern Media Text and Forensics: Interdisciplinary Connections and Expertise” is organized by the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education “Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia” in cooperation with the Moscow Research Center supported by the Department of Regional Security and Anti-Corruption Activities in Moscow.
Direction: Science
Event format: Сonference
5 - 7 Apr
International Conference on Engineering Systems 2023
The conference provides the opportunity for teachers, researchers and specialists from all over the world to present their research and development results, exchange new ideas and practical experience, find research and business partners for future collaboration.
Direction: Science
Event format: Сonference
23 - 27 Mar
Lectures by leading scientists Luque Rafael professor University of Cordoba (Spain)
Direction: Science
Event format: Lecture