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08 Nov 2022
Scientists report an effective method for synthesizing analogues of natural medicines

RUDN University chemist together with colleagues from Belgium and China proposed a new method for the synthesis of biologically active phenanthridinones. This protocol allows creating a wider range of products and does not require a long time or harsh conditions.

01 Nov 2022
RUDN University soil scientist found out how microorganisms of karst ecosystems resist human intervention

RUDN University soil scientist for the first time investigated how soil microorganisms resist changes due to human agricultural activities in karst regions.

31 Oct 2022
RUDN University nanotechnologists have studied the use of gold nanoparticles for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Nanoparticles are used for targeted delivery of drugs, toxic agents for the destruction of cancer cells, as well as for diagnosticsand. In the treatment of cancer, drugs are increasingly combined with nanomaterials, since in combination they affectthe causes and manifestations ofthedisease from different sides. Gold nanoparticles are well suited for therapy and diagnosis, since they are inert, easily penetrate into tumor cells and linger in them. Researchers at IBHTN and RUDN University studied which parameters of gold nanoparticles determine their success in cancer therapy.

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12 - 13 Oct
International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern Media Text and Forensic Expertise: Interdisciplinary Connections and Expert Evaluation”
International research and practice conference “Modern Media Text and Forensics: Interdisciplinary Connections and Expertise” is organized by the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education “Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia” in cooperation with the Moscow Research Center supported by the Department of Regional Security and Anti-Corruption Activities in Moscow.
Direction: Science
Event format: Сonference
5 - 7 Apr
International Conference on Engineering Systems 2023
The conference provides the opportunity for teachers, researchers and specialists from all over the world to present their research and development results, exchange new ideas and practical experience, find research and business partners for future collaboration.
Direction: Science
Event format: Сonference
23 - 27 Mar
Lectures by leading scientists Luque Rafael professor University of Cordoba (Spain)
Direction: Science
Event format: Lecture