How Religion Responded to the Challenge of the Pandemic: Presentation of the Monograph "Religion in Modern Russia: Pandemic Events and Discourses"

How Religion Responded to the Challenge of the Pandemic: Presentation of the Monograph "Religion in Modern Russia: Pandemic Events and Discourses"

The monograph "Religion in Modern Russia: Pandemic Events and Discourses" was presented at the RUDN. RUDN scientists and from other universities conducted the study by Russian Foundation for Basic Research grant under the guidance of Maria Mchedlova, head of the Department of Comparative Politics, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. This is the second book on the relationship between society, politics, and religion in contemporary Russia. It was published jointly with the Federal Research Sociological Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The presentation at the RUDN was attended by scientists and representatives of public organizations, authorities, participants of a large-scale expert survey, leading experts in the field of state-confessional relations, co-authors, reviewers, members of the editorial boards of leading political science and religious studies scientific journals. 

"RUDN is strengthening scholarly ties and creating consortia as part of the Priority 2030 (the Strategic Academic Leadership Program). The monograph “Religion in Modern Russia: Pandemic Events and Discourses” is a living example of this collaboration. This book is a soft power of Russian spirituality and humanitarian science. Much attention has been given to religion, society, and politics. And also how this totality responded to the challenge of the pandemic," said Nur Kirabaev, Scientific advisor to the university administration, the Head of the History of Philosophy Chair at the Faculty of Humanitarian and Social Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.

"The RUDN and MGIMO have excellent relations and common scientific interests. The theme of religion and its influence on political processes can be traced not only in political science, but also in public administration and economics. Without religious and cultural heritage, it is difficult to find axiological guidelines. They preserve the traditions and community of society, which they develop and move forward. I will be happy to participate in such important projects once again," added Henry Sardaryan, Doctor of Political Science, Dean of MGIMO Faculty of Governance and Politics.

"The monograph is outstanding. The authors have set an epochal task, namely to analyze the projection of great challenges to the realities of domestic society in the interaction of society, state and religion," said Oksana Gaman-Golutvina, Doctor of Political Science, MGIMO and HSE Professor, Corresponding Member of the RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences), President of RAPN (Russian Political Science Association).

"The series of these books raises urgent, painful and acute issues in the relationship between the state and religious associations, in relation to religion and society. As well as the global theme of religion and politics," added Roman Lunkin, PhD in Political Science, Deputy Director for Research, Senior researcher, Head of the Center for the studies of problems of Religion and Society, the Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences.

"The book anticipated many studies. From the religious point of view, Pandemic is a serious challenge that reveals the worst and best sides of the current situation of religions in society and the state," Sergey Melnikov, PhD, Deputy Director of Research at The Institute of Anthropology and Ethnography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Russian Association for Protecting Religious Freedom.

"Maria Mchedlova performed not only as a scholar, but also as a team organizer. To tackle important issues of religion at a time like this, how it responds to pandemics and other challenges-is a big job. I am ready to organize a collection of signatures so that the book will be published in large circulation," - Semed Semedov, PhD, Head of the Department of International Cooperation, Academy of National Economy, Russian Academy of Public Administration.

"I thank the editor-in-chief for dedicating the book to the memory of the religious scholar William Schmidt and all colleagues who have passed away from COVID-19. This publication will be an important scientific theoretical and methodological reference point for the World Conference 2022", said Svetlana Nuzhdina, Executive Director of the Foundation for the preservation and study of the native languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

The authors of the monograph included scientists from:

  • Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Moscow State Institute of International Relations;
  • Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration;
  • Institute of Europe, the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Kazan Federal University;
  • North-Eastern State University (Magadan).


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