449 chemists from 11 countries: the Conference "Successes in synthesis and complex formation" opened at RUDN University

449 chemists from 11 countries: the Conference "Successes in synthesis and complex formation" opened at RUDN University

The 6th International conference "Successes in synthesis and complex formation" opened at the RUDN University. This year it is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Academician Vladimir Mikhailovich Griazny.

The agenda included modern problems of organic and inorganic chemistry, heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, and interdisciplinary research. The conference brought together 449 scientists from 11 countries.

"Our conference series has attracted many leading researchers. This year we are pleased to welcome participants from Armenia, Belarus, Great Britain, India, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, USA, Turkey, Japan and Russia. The participants will share their results, learn something new, and stay at the forefront of science," - Leonid Voskresensky, Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the RUDN.

This year's conference is dedicated to Academician Vladimir Mikhailovich Gryazny. He founded the Department of Physical and Colloidal Chemistry at Peoples' Friendship University and made a number of world-class discoveries. As RUDN President Vladimir Filippov noted at the opening ceremony, Academician Gryaznov is one of the few scientists in the Soviet Union who made two scientific discoveries at once.

"Professor Vladimir Mikhailovich Gryaznov was head of both a department at the RUDN and a laboratory at the Academy of Sciences. He was among those units in the Soviet Union who were called the authors of scientific discovery. To make a scientific discovery in the Soviet Union is a very rare phenomenon. And he was the author of such discoveries twice. This is the level at which chemistry at the RUDN has grown," Vladimir Filippov, President of the RUDN.

Among those who contributed to the establishment of chemistry at the university Vladimir Filippov also mentioned Nikolai Sergeyevich Prostakov, the first dean of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences and creator of promedol; Alexei Konstantinovich Molodkin, head of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry; and Victor Nikolayevich Khrustalev, director of the RUDN Institute of Joint Chemical Research.

The program of this year's conference includes speeches by major scientists and reports by members of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Among them, for example, Valentin Ananikov, doctor of chemical sciences, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

"It was a genius decision to call the conference this way. Because there are many conferences on organic chemistry, there are symposia and congresses on catalysis... And the conference called "Advances in Synthesis and Complexation" is one, and you all remember it. <...> This year we are still feeling the wave of the post-catalysis era. Some scientists can't make it. Nevertheless, you will hear speeches by major scientists, reports by members of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The simultaneous participation of so many interesting people in a conference is rare," - Valentin Ananikov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Luc Rafael from the University of Cordoba (Spain), Director of the Scientific Center "Molecular Design and Synthesis of Innovative Compounds for Medicine" of the RUDN Joint Institute for Chemical Research, noted the potential of the RUDN in chemistry.

"Scientific technology has been an important part of Russia for centuries. The RUDN University has academics, great science, and technology. This is what will take the international university to a new level. The RUDN has a huge potential in chemistry, and the international community supports it in this. This conference brings together top-notch scientists from the very beginning," Luc Raphael.

Among those invited to the conference is the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Russia and the Republic of Belarus, Doctor of Chemistry Janita Abewikrema Liyanage.

"The history of cooperation between RUDN University and Sri Lanka goes back several decades, many students from our country have already had the opportunity to receive higher education at Peoples' Friendship University, which was a serious start in their careers. The RUDN is famous for its academic school and serious fundamental research. I wish the RUDN University new scientific achievements and victories, which will become a worthy contribution to the world science fund" - Janita Abevikrema Liyanage.


The conference program is designed for 5 days - from September 26 to 30. During this time, 165 participants will make oral presentations and 166 will present posters. The work is structured in three sections: organic chemistry, inorganic and coordination chemistry, and physical and colloid chemistry.

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