RUDN University dentists are the best of the best! Victory in the XX Prize of the Government of Moscow in the field of medicine

RUDN University dentists are the best of the best! Victory in the XX Prize of the Government of Moscow in the field of medicine

RUDN University dentists Samvel Apresyan and Alexander Stepanov received the 20th Anniversary Prize of the Moscow Government in the field of medicine. 98 applications, 12 finalists and only 6 of the best - among them are RUDN University doctors.

“It was a complete surprise! We had very serious competitors. RUDN University is the only university that participated in the Prize (not counting the joint project of Sechenov University),” Samvel Apresyan.

Samvel Apresyan and Alexander Stepanov, Director and Professor of the Institute of Digital Dentistry of the RUDN Medical Institute, spoke at the City Hall with the work “Technology of 3D modeling and production of facial prostheses”.

The finalists were chosen by the Council of Chief Physicians under the Moscow City Health Department. The winners will be awarded by Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow — they will receive a cash prize. But Samvel Apresyan and Alexander Stepanov have already received the most important award — the professional recognition of the Moscow Government.

For reference:

The Moscow Government Prize in the field of medicine is a professional competition where Moscow doctors can demonstrate their scientific achievements. Criteria for the qualifying round: relevance, novelty, originality, reliability, public recognition and the amount of work performed.

The Council of Chief Physicians of the DZM identified priority areas for scientific work in 2023:

  • Modern methods of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of socially significant diseases;
  • Creation of new digital systems in the field of medicine;
  • Improving the health of children and mothers. Integrated methods and technologies for providing medical care to children and mothers;
  • Prevention of diseases and formation of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Development of new forms of management and organization of medical activities.
30 Jan 2018
The conference on international arbitration, where law students from European universities simulate court proceedings and alternately defend the interests of the respondent and the orator.
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30 Dec 2020
In 2017, RUDN University scientists constructed a new explicit second-order precision difference scheme using modern computer algebra methods for 2-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations (NSE) [1]. This year, our mathematicians used a new scheme [2] to construct a numerical solution to the Cauchy problem with initial data (for t=0) as satisfying the continuity equation. Scientists managed to achieve previously unattainable accuracy of the continuity equation.
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