Educational and Scientific Institute of Neurosurgery
Educational and Scientific Institute of Neurosurgery
The Educational and Scientific Institute of Neurosurgery conducts training of qualified personnel in the field of neurosurgery for the Russian Federation and foreign countries, as well as fundamental, applied and clinical research in the field of neurosurgery. Research is aimed at improving the quality of diagnosis and treatment of patients with neurosurgical pathology, as well as achieving world leadership in Russian neurosurgery. The Institute of Neurosurgery has at its disposal a unique neurosurgical base and a dissection laboratory for the development of practical skills required for neurosurgeons.

The principle of learning in the dissection laboratory is that educational technologies today should not only keep up with medical technologies, but also be ahead of them in some aspects. The practical training of a neurosurgeon is aimed at mastering complex and specific manual skills in the conditions of an extremely complex anatomically, physiologically and vulnerable object of surgery and using a huge amount of high-tech high-precision digital diagnostic and surgical equipment. Therefore, without the availability of such a laboratory as is available at the clinical base of the institute, the training of a highly qualified neurosurgeon, especially one who is competitive at the world level, is practically impossible.
Another extremely important component in the training neurosurgeons is the volume and level of complexity of the surgical cases that he encounters during the training. The neurosurgical base of the Scientific and Practical Institute of Neurosurgery in this regard corresponds to the best neurosurgical clinics in the world with up to 30-40 highly complex neurosurgical operations daily. There are few clinics in the world that have a comparable volume and level.
Additionally, the most important aspect of education is integration into the global neurosurgical community. Thanks to the interaction with the Asian Congress of Neurosurgeons (ASNS) and the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNC), this integration has been implemented for more than a year, and vast experience has been accumulated. More than 160 foreign neurosurgeon professors are involved in the training with over two thousand doctors from 40 countries already been trained.
Albert Sufianov
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02 Dec
RUDN chemists have created a biodegradable polymer for disposable medical products

RUDN chemists have created a biodegradable polymer based on chitosan and polyhydroxybutyrate. Chitosan, which is obtained from animal shells and fungal cells, gives the compound antimicrobial properties, so it can be used for disposable medical and hygienic materials and products.

29 Nov
RUDN University Mathematician Develops an Approach for Individual Therapy of Haemophilia and Thrombosis

RUDN University professor together with colleagues from France and the USA has developed a technique for describing blood clotting regarding the individual characteristics of patients. This will help to make more accurately diagnosis and select drugs dosages for the treatment of haemophilia, thrombosis and other blood coagulation disorders.

25 Nov
RUDN chemists have found an effective catalyst for the synthesis of raw materials of the chemical industry

RUDN chemists have proven the effectiveness of metal complexes for catalysis of cyanhydrin production — substances important for the chemical industry. Chemists managed to achieve 96.3% of the reaction efficiency.

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