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Director of the Academy
Professor, Dr. (Technical Sciences), Academician of Tsiolkovsky Russian Academy of Cosmonautics, Academician of International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), Lifetime Associate Fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
students, out of which 1000+ foreign students
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Department of Mechanics and Control Processes

The Department trains specialists in the field of information technology, mechanics and control processes in different intelligent and robotic systems for various industries, including aerospace, including technologies for designing space missions, developing and applying geographic information systems based on aerospace monitoring of the Earth.

The Dean
Yury Razoumny
Professor, Dr. (Technical Sciences)
+7 (495) 955-08-75

Department of Mineral Developing and Oil&Gas Engineering

The department trains specialists in the field of geology, prospecting, exploration and extraction of mineral raw materials; geological and mine survey support for development of mineral deposits and raw materials, rational use and protection of the Earth's interior, creation of innovative technologies for mining and oil and gas production; development and operation of oil and gas fields; operation and maintenance of pipeline transport systems.

The Dean
Alexander Kotelnikov
+7 (495) 955-07-96

Department of Mechanical and Instrumental Engineering

Department of Transport

The Department trains specialists in the field of operation of transport and technological machines and complexes, service maintenance of transport and technological machines and transport logistics, operation and technical examination of vehicles, equipment and technology of land transport and operation of road transport.

The Dean
Igor Danilov
Associate Professor, Dr. (Technical Sciences)
+7 (495) 434-02-12

Department of Civil Engineering

The department trains specialists in the development of technologies and projects for the organization and management of construction, design of structures and construction of buildings and structures, operation and repair of construction facilities, design and construction of hydraulic structures, highways, airports, cosmodromes and other special structures.

The Dean
Marina Rynkovskaya
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
+7 (495) 955-09-85

Department of Architecture

The department trains specialists in the field of architectural design of buildings and structures, the design of architectural facilities. Graduates of the department master the latest computer technologies for designing buildings and structures, modern methods of creating a comfortable living environment in different climatic conditions, apply innovative world architectural and construction solutions.

The Dean
Oleg Bik
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
+7 (495) 955-08-05

Department of Innovation Management in Industries

The department trains specialists in the field of feasibility studies and project management in aerospace and other science-intensive industries, mathematical modeling of social and economic systems management processes, and innovation management of high-tech enterprises.

The Dean
Oleg Samusenko
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
+7 (495) 952-08-90

Department of Nanotechnology and Microsystem Engineering

The base department trains specialists in the design, manufacture, diagnostics and testing of nano- and micro-sized systems for various applications, the development of materials for photonics, nano-, optoelectronics and microsystem technology, the development of technological processes for the manufacture of nano- and optoelectronic products.

The Dean
Sergey Popov
Dr. (Technical Sciences)
+7 (495) 955-08-30

Department of Foreign Languages of Academy of Engineering

The department provides training for students of Academy of Engineering in foreign languages for the main training programs. Educational programs provide several years of intensive training in foreign languages and are organically incorporated into the educational process. Students also successfully master the skills and abilities of translation in the areas and specialties of the engineering profile.

The department takes an active part in the work of scientific and practical conferences at various levels in cooperation with Goethe Institute, Cervantes Institute, Institute of the French Language, Stuttgart University of Technology, University of Potsdam, Berlin Technical University, etc.

The Dean
Svetlana Dmitrichenkova
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
+7 (495) 955-08-88

Department of the Russian Language of Academy of Engineering

The department provides training for bachelors, undergraduates and postgraduates of the Engineering Academy in the following disciplines: Russian in professional activities, the basics of rhetoric and communication, the basics of business communication and language communication, the methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language, the basics of professional translation.

The Dean
Ivan Pugachev
Associate Professor, Dr. (Pedagogical Sciences)
+7 (495) 952-39-46
5 Key Reasons for Choosing the Academy

History of the Academy of Engineering

The Academy of Engineering dates back to 1961, when the faculty of Engineering was founded at the RUDN University. That time within the framework of general engineering training at RUDN University, educational programs and scientific schools were formed in traditional engineering areas — construction, mechanical engineering, geology, mining and oil and gas business. With the formation of the engineering training of specialists, new engineering directions appeared and the existing engineering directions were developed.

The Academy of Engineering received its modern status in 2016 after the reorganization of the faculty of Engineering with the addition of other divisions of the RUDN University. Currently, the Academy of Engineering is a polytechnic institute in the structure of a classical university. The Academy trains specialists in the field of various traditional engineering technologies, engineering management, as well as in the field of modern supra-industry technologies — information technology, nanotechnology, space technologies.

More than 3700 students study at the Academy of Engineering. About a third of the students are from more than 100 countries of the world. The basis of the Academy of Engineering consists of 6 educational departments and 3 basic departments, created in conjunction with enterprises of the real sector of the economy. The educational process is provided by more than 200 teachers, including more than 30 doctors of sciences, more than 100 candidates of sciences, 10 academicians and corresponding members of industry and international academies of sciences. The Academy of Engineering has a modern laboratory base equipped with the necessary equipment for training highly qualified specialists in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in various areas of training.

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