University with the largest number of international students in Russia turns 58! Gala night 9 February

University with the largest number of international students in Russia turns 58! Gala night 9 February

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9 Feb 2018
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9 February, RUDN invites students, faculty and friends to celebrate its birthday at 4:00 pm in the Assembly hall of the main building (6, Miklukho-Maklaya str).

Watch a video «Just one year – 2017», listen to the greetings of honored guests and enjoy a concert prepared by RUDN students. Register on and get a ticket.

Take part in a contest on RUDN social nets, share your memories and congratulate the University! Read more:  FacebookTwitter.   

2017 is an important year for RUDN. The University – the greenest university in Russia – is number 44 in UI Green Metric ranking and number 1 among Russian universities.

RUDN is actively involved in research. In December the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications opened the first in Russia laboratory of advanced research of 5G nets and IoT, which is going to be the main center for researching 5G nets and their applications by mathematicians and engineers from Russia, USA, Switzerland, Finland, Portugal, Italy and Czech.

Another landmark event was the opening of «Molecular design and synthesis of innovation compounds for medicine» scientific center, which is planned to become the major site for chemists to elaborate more simple, effective and inexpensive ways of producing medicinal drugs and synthesizing new active substances.

On the global international stage RUDN University creates and develops cluster approach interacting with international partners – state power bodies, universities, employers and alumni to train highly qualified specialists needed in their native countries, in particular «Africa – South» cluster in Zambia.

Today students from 155 countries of the world study at RUDN. In April 2017, RUDN presented a unique gala-concert on the stage of UNESCO Headquarters in Paris demonstrating the richness of cultures of Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

RUDN graduates work in more than 170 countries. In June 2017, Rector Vladimir Filippov awarded RUDN medical student Battarai Hari from Nepal, the 100,000th RUDN graduate.

Peoples’ friendship university was founded 5 February, 1960, by the decision of the USSR government. 22 February, 1961, the University was named after Patrice Lumumba – one of the symbols of African peoples’ fight for independence. In 1965, the first 228 specialists from 47 countries of the world graduated. By 1975, the University had trained more than 5,600 specialists including 4,250 for 89 foreign countries. The same year the University was awarded the Order of Peoples’ friendship for preparing human resources for the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. 5 February, 1992, by the decision of the Russian government the University was renamed to become Peoples’ friendship university of Russia. Learn more here


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