15 Sep
Lava cave, space debris and ancient Greek hydra... RUDN University architecture students conquer space

Future architects and designers of RUDN University became finalists of the international competition “Moon Station”. They presented the architectural-spatial concept and technology for deploying a manned research modular station inside a lava cave under the surface of the Moon.

12 Aug 2022
RUDN University scientist compares algorithms for solving the optimal control problem

The RUDN University scientist compared the performance of several algorithms for solving optimal control problems that arise everywhere, from economics to cosmonautics.

26 May 2022
RUDN University Engineers Propose a New Approach for Accounting Plastic Anisotropy in the Theoretical Description of Metal Forming Processes

RUDN University engineers have shown that theoretical calculations traditionally used to describe the compression of metal work pieces, do not take into account an important property of materials. Scientists have proposed a new approach that considered the missing property and showed that the final result in this case changes by 15-20%.

Life in RUDN
24 May 2022
“I love to create something new — I have found my place in science,” Ngbala-Okpabi Obarijima Godwin Samuel, student of the Engineering Academy of RUDN University

Obarijima came from Nigeria and entered RUDN in 2016. Now he is studying in the first year of the master’s program at the Engineering academy and has already managed to register a patent. Read his interview about why he decided to study in Russia, about registering a patent and about VR5 engines.

27 Apr 2022
Students of RUDN Engineering Academy are the winners of the industrial Hackathon of the student week "Mosprom studweek"

During the “Mosprom studweek”, the results of an industrial hackathon on solving applied technical problems of Mosprom were summed up. 23 teams, 115 participants from 7 universities of Moscow competed in solving technical cases. RUDN University was represented by four teams of the Engineering Academy. The winner was “Champion’s Breakfast”, the team of 3rd year students of the Department of Mechanics and Control Processes. 5 students -winners were invited to an internship at the State Space Research and Production Center named after M.V. Khrunichev.

25 Feb 2022
New Method Allows Detecting Tumor by Measuring its Temperature

Russian researchers have proposed a method for detecting cancer and other diseases by measuring the temperature inside the body.

24 Feb 2022
RUDN engineers have created a filter for purifying water from coal and cement, and its effectiveness was proved using the application

RUDN engineers proposed a new complex of cement and coal to purify water from toxic pollutants. The operation of the filter compound was tested experimentally — on water purification from two dyes (methylene blue and rhodamine B).And its effectiveness (it reached 80%) was tested in a simple way — using a smartphone application.

19 Mar 2021
A method for calculating optimal parameters of liquid chrystal displays developed at RUDN University

A professor from RUDN University together with his colleagues from Saratov Chernyshevsky State University and D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia developed a method for calculating the parameters of diffraction optical elements used in LCDs. In particular, the new technology can be used to expand the angle of view while preserving high resolution and color rendition.

29 May 2020
The story of how it took one 23-year-old engineer a day to remake swimming masks into medical

It has been a month since the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia joined the #мейкерыпротивковид (makers against Covid) movement and has been helping doctors and patients with 3D printing. Engineer Mark Dyachenko from the Center for Additive and Foreign Technologies of RUDN University used a 3D-printer to print 1,149 adapters for mask filters, which are used by doctors in more than 15 hospitals in Moscow.

27 Apr 2020
“I miss those moments when you see a question in the eyes”, assistant professor Pavel Davydenko

“The very name of the form of training – “full-time” (ochny in Russian) - means the opportunity to teach, looking in the eyes (ochi in Russian)." Do you think these are the words of a philosopher or a philologist? They are not. This is engineer Pavel Davydenko, assistant professor of the Department of Mechanic and Instrument Engineering, RUDN Engineering Academy. In distance teaching he uses his son's toys to explain the principle of gearing and manipulators of industrial robots. And the daughter gives him room at her desk after she takes online lessons at school.

05 Dec 2019
RUDN engineers met with employers at a round table

On November 26, the Department of Subsoil Use and Oil and Gas Affairs of the RUDN University Engineering Academy held a Round Table “Updating educational programs, organizing practices, and employment prospects” with the participation of employers.

02 Dec 2019
Barkli JSC Corporation told RUDN students about work in construction

The Department of Construction of the Engineering Academy of RUDN University organized and held a meeting for first-year masters in the “Construction” direction with Deputy Project Manager K. Gekkiev from one of the leading corporations of BARKLEY JSC.