15 Aug
Manager, secretary and welder are the most harmful professions for psychological health, a study by a RUDN University physician showed

RUDN University physician together with colleagues from Kazakhstan conducted the first study in Kazakhstan onthe standard of living on parameters related to physical and psychological health. Among other things, thestudy showed the three most harmful professions for psychological health.

12 Aug
RUDN University scientist compares algorithms for solving the optimal control problem

The RUDN University scientist compared the performance of several algorithms for solving optimal control problems that arise everywhere, from economics to cosmonautics.

01 Aug
“Sustainable city implies green city”: scientists discussed new challenges and prospects in the sustainable development of megacities at the Smart and Sustainable Cities 2022 conference

From July 20 to 22, 2022, the 3rd International conference Smart and Sustainable Cities was held on the basis of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Ecosystem (RUDN), concerning advanced technologies for sustainable development of urban green infrastructure.. For the third time, the conference has become an open discussion platform that unites not only the research community, but also municipal services, environmental protection agencies and organizations working in the field of urban management and landscaping.

22 Jul
DFDE-2022, conference of leading mathematicians ended at RUDN University

June 28 - July 5, RUDN University hosted the Ninth International Conference on Differential and Functional Differential Equations (DFDE-2022), a satellite of the International Congress of Mathematicians 2022, which takes place on July 6-14.

22 Jul
RUDN University Chemists Propose a One-Step Synthesis of Substances for Medicine

The RUDN University chemists have discovered a reaction for the synthesis of acetimidamides, heterocyclic compounds with biological activity that can be used for the synthesis of hormones, anti-inflammatory and other medical drugs. The reaction goes in one step with an efficiency of up to 96%.

21 Jul
RUDN University Biologist Outlined the Molecular Mechanisms of Herbal Extracts in Fish

The RUDN University biologist with colleagues from Egypt, Italy, Iran, Canada, Thailand and Turkey summarized research data on the effect of phytonutrients on fish health at the molecular level.

19 Jul
RUDN doctors have shown that "silk" protein can heal wounds 1.5 times faster

Doctors of RUDN University and the Federal Scientific Center for Transplantology and Artificial Organs of the Russian Federation experimentally showed that structures made of silk protein (fibroin) accelerate wound healing by 1.5 times.

14 Jul
Scientists created a tool for targeted drug delivery to tumor

RUDN University and Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) chemist together with colleagues from Iran created a system for targeted delivery of anti-cancer drugs. The complex based on graphene and gelatin using green chemistry methods. In future, it can help to avoid side effects during cancer chemotherapy.

13 Jul
RUDN University mathematician calculated the most effective vaccination strategy University

RUDN mathematician, together with colleagues from India, Romania and France, calculated how many people need to be vaccinated in different population groups to cope with the epidemic. Moreover, mathematicians figured out what vaccination strategy should be followed in order to simultaneously minimize both the number of infected and the cost of the vaccine. The calculations are valid for any epidemic, including COVID-19.

08 Jul
Biologists Propose the Most Effective Method to Clean the Northern Soils from Petroleum Products

Biologists have found that sorption-biological treatment is the most effective method to clean northern soils contaminated with petroleum products. To do this, activated carbon and peat are introduced into the soil, which bind toxic petroleum hydrocarbons and make them available for decomposition by microorganisms. The proposed method of bioremediation will help to improve the ecological state of soils in areas of oil production and spills.

07 Jul
RUDN University chemists revealed the potential of NMR spectroscopy for microalgae study

RUDN University chemists together with colleagues from India analysed the microalgae metabolism at the molecular level using nuclear magnetic resonance. The results identified the strengths and weaknesses of this methodology and showed the most promising areas for future development.

04 Jul
RUDN University Scientists Fit Pets in the Classification of Ecosystem Services

RUDN University scientists conducted a survey among residents of Moscow and found out the reasons why they have pets. The results proved that pets should be included in the classification of ecosystem services. This will help to consider the interests of pet owners in urban planning and management.