28 Feb
RUDN University Scientists in Pharmaceutical Technology Proved Effectiveness of New Dosage Form

RUDN University scientists together with colleagues from Switzerland proved in a clinical trial the effectiveness of a new dosage form — amorphous solid dispersion. This is the first such study in humans to show the mechanism of action of this form of drug release. In the future, it will help to increase the effectiveness of drugs and use new active substances for treatment.

25 Feb
New Method Allows Detecting Tumor by Measuring its Temperature

Russian researchers have proposed a method for detecting cancer and other diseases by measuring the temperature inside the body.

24 Feb
RUDN engineers have created a filter for purifying water from coal and cement, and its effectiveness was proved using the application

RUDN engineers proposed a new complex of cement and coal to purify water from toxic pollutants. The operation of the filter compound was tested experimentally — on water purification from two dyes (methylene blue and rhodamine B).And its effectiveness (it reached 80%) was tested in a simple way — using a smartphone application.

16 Feb
RUDN University scientists have proposed a method for assessing the economy for environmental friendliness

RUDN economists have developed an approach that allows assessing the level of development of the circular economy in different countries. The new method will help experts and governments determine how successfully recycling systems, energy-saving technologies and new “green” materials are being introduced into the economy.

14 Feb
RUDN University Mathematicians Create a Model for Queue Organizing with Self-Sustained Servers

RUDN University mathematicians proposed a model for optimizing the operation of queuing systems (from computer networks to stores). Unlike analogues, the servers in it are self-sustained. They can determine when to start and stop working themselves. Such a model can be useful, for example, for online taxi services and other systems where workers choose their own operating hours.

10 Feb
RUDN University Researchers Create a Drug Coating for Tracheal Stents

RUDN University scientists have created a drug-eluting coating for stents, which are implanted into the trachea in case of airway obstruction. This will help to reduce the damage caused by the stent and prevent the restenosis.

07 Feb
RUDN economists have calculated how to improve living standards in countries with different income levels

RUDN economists have determined how the conditions for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals differ in high- and low-incomecountries. The researchers proposed recommendations to raise living standards by 45–95%.

01 Feb
Scientists Show the Importance of Contact with Nature in the City During the Lockdown

​​​​​​​The measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic limited the access of citizens to natural objects. It is still unexplored, what consequences this had for the residents and what conclusions should be drawn for more effective urban planning. RUDN University scientists with colleagues from Australia and Germany studied how the restrictions associated with COVID-19 affected the use of blue and green infrastructure by citizens in Moscow (Russia) and Perth (Australia), and what consequences this had for their health. In the article “Human Dimensions of Urban Blue and Green Infrastructure during a Pandemic.

28 Jan
Biologists of RUDN University found out what is the difference between the body's reaction to hypoxia at different ages

RUDN biologists have determined how the body’s response to oxygen deficiency at the molecular level changes with age. These are the first results obtained in this direction - previously it was known only about the change in general resistance to low oxygen levelswithage.

20 Jan
RUDN scientists have shown how much taking into account the real shape of the satellite affects the probability of collision of two space objects

RUDN scientists have clarified the model for calculating the probability that space objects may encounter. Classical models do not take into account the real shape and orientation of objects -it seemed that this increases the calculated probability several times. The results are published in the journal Cosmic Research.

17 Jan
RUDN Univesity Biologists Prove the Effectiveness of Silver Nanoparticles Against Phytopathogens

RUDN University biologists proved the effectiveness of biogenic metal nanoparticles against some fungi infecting plants. The nanoparticles are obtained in a safe way from strawberry leaf extract.

17 Jan
RUDN University Biologists Obtain 7 Metal Nanoparticles Using Strawberry

RUDN University biologists have proposed a safe and environmentally friendly way to obtain seven types of metal nanoparticles that are necessary for medicine and agriculture. This does not require expensive and toxic chemicals or expensive equipment — the synthesis takes place using an extract from the leaves of Fragaria ananassa.