RUDN University - 10 years of celebrating best graduates

RUDN University - 10 years of celebrating best graduates

The tradition of nominating the best graduates of RUDN University has existed for 10 years, more than 1,000 graduates receiving this title. In 2020, 150 young professionals became the best graduates of RUDN University - doctors, agronomists, lawyers, ecologists, programmers, linguists and engineers from 24 countries.


Officially, the tradition of awarding the plaque “The best RUDN graduate” appeared in 2011 - then 100 young professionals received this title. Over the decade, 1,184 RUDN graduates have been officially named the best.

The 150 best graduates of RUDN University in 2020 are doctors, agronomists, lawyers, ecologists, programmers, linguists and engineers representing 24 countries. They are united by excellent academic performance, active social attitudes, sports victories, creative performances and other achievements.

The 150 best graduates are from 24 countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Vietnam, Georgia, Dominican Republic, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Rwanda, Syria, Sudan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Chad, Sri Lanka, Ecuador and Ethiopia.

RUDN University for me is sleepless nights with descriptive geometries and strength of materials courses, first tests and exams. I remember how the voice trembled at the first defenses of the lab and course projects. It was difficult at times, and sometimes I really wanted to give up everything. But our teachers were able to inspire and taught to believe in ourselves.


Vlada Basova
Engineering Academy, Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes (2020)

My best years have passed in RUDN. Warm team and kind mentors - such things are not forgotten and remain in the heart. At first it was hard: language barrier and social adaptation. But thanks to the teachers and staff of  the dean’s office, my friends and I took the right pace and started working for a result. It was here that I felt like an adult and learned independence. My motto was: “Never give up and you will win where others give in.”

Abdoulay Mahamat Abdoulay (Chad)
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, History (2020)

I remember participating in the conference of the Greek University of Aristotle “Organic Farming”. The fear of speaking in another country in English was very big, but still I made a report about the possibilities of using remote data to assess the parameters of agricultural land. These were indescribable emotions! This was exciting, but not scary. If it weren’t for RUDN University, I would not have felt these pleasant and bright moments.

Olga Boyarkina
Agrarian and Technological Institute, Land Management and Cadastres (2020)

Success is when you live by your own rules and in harmony with others. In this balance, it is much easier to set goals, define your tasks, and be disciplined. Therefore, in the race for success, please stay, first of all, good people. And the rest will follow.


Nadezhda Litvinova
Faculty of Philology, “Advertising and Public Relations” (2020)


Another tradition of RUDN University is special mention of anniversary university graduates. Together with the diploma, they receive a commemorative medal and plaque. In 2006, Jose Atiensia from Ecuador became graduate of RUDN University No. 50,000, he graduated from the Faculty of Engineering with a degree in Automation and Control. In 2018, Battarai Hari from Nepal, who graduated with honors from the Medical Institute with a specialization in General Medicine, was nominated excellent graduate of the University No. 100,000. According to Battarai, Russia has developed medical technologies, as well as an effective system of prevention and treatment. He would like to learn from Russian experience and introduce a medical examination system in his homeland in the future.


In 2020, another tradition appeared at RUDN University - to single out every hundredth graduate from a certain country. The first from this category were 6 young professionals:

  • Adu Kpangni Yves Berenje - Graduate No. 500 from Côte d’Ivoire: Faculty of Science, Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology,
  • Kamina Kerimova - RUDN graduate No. 400 from Azerbaijan: Medical Institute, Dentistry,
  • Lo Pa Pan - RUDN graduate No. 400 from Vietnam: Law Institute, Jurisprudence,
  • Maria Kutovaya - graduate No. 400 from Ukraine: Law Institute, Jurisprudence,
  • Mehrob Nosirov - graduate 400 from Tajikistan: Law Institute, Jurisprudence,
  • Pradhan Bimal - Graduate No. 600 from Nepal: Faculty of Science, Physics.

“Everyone has their own path, no matter where you are or what you do, it is important to dare to do what you dream about! Be strong and confident. Over 4 years at RUDN University, I have discovered a lot of new things - both in study and in creativity. The university is constantly changing. When I came here for the first time, it was completely different. Over the years, it is only getting better. I advise my compatriots to become part of a large family, and I myself plan to continue my studies at Law Institute and master criminal law,” Lo Pa Pan, Graduate from Vietnam No.400


Most of those who have been named the best in RUDN over 10 years have become professionals in their field, many occupy leading positions and become laureates of all-Russian competitions:

  • Elena Kaverina (Medical Institute, 2011) - Head of the medical and pharmaceutical department of the Farmbytkhim company and semifinalist of the 2020 “Leaders of Russia” contest.
  • Titsa Lubica from Serbia (Engineering Academy, 2016) - leading specialist in construction company VelesStroy.
  • Mikhail Zastozhen (Medical Institute, 2014) - Head of department at the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Narcology.
  • Maryam Akhmadova (Law Institute, 2013) - expert of the Chief Control Department of the Government of Moscow.
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