Full immersion: the Director General of Exotic Time Company spoke about the intricacies of work in the field of diving tourism

Full immersion: the Director General of Exotic Time Company spoke about the intricacies of work in the field of diving tourism

On March 19, a master class “Diving and Tourism: Towards the Best Reefs of the Planet” was held at the Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism of RUDN University. Veronika Birman, CEO of Exotic Time, which has been engaged in thematic diving tours in 35 countries of the world for more than 17 years, spoke to students.

More than seventy IGBT students have learned first-hand about the opportunities and challenges in creating a unique targeted tourism product, the specifics of diving tourism, the prospects of diving in Russia and abroad in a variety of locations, from Baikal to the islands of French Polynesia.

Veronika Birman noted that recreational diving is rapidly gaining popularity: in 2015, the global market for this type of leisure reached $ 12 billion, while the number of divers accelerated - according to 2019, only the international association of diving instructors PADI gives out every year million certificates, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in depth.

For representatives of the tourism and hospitality industry, divers are a welcome audience that willingly spends time and money at resorts. According to statistics, the average diver spends from $ 100 to $ 200 per day, and popular diving sites can earn millions of dollars in the provision of appropriate services.

Veronica Birman also shared practical tips with students, and said that she could help start a career in tourism and hospitality. Veronika noted that one of the main life hacks in employment, especially relevant in the tourism industry, is always to be hungry for adventures, love your job and strive to enjoy it.

The meeting ended with a Q&A session. Students asked about a career in diving tourism, about the future of the industry, and about the best areas for diving. Veronika Birman noted that diving tours, including cruise, are becoming more accessible and safe, especially accompanied by experienced instructors. Among the most popular dive sites are still water areas of the Maldives, the countries of the Mediterranean and Red Seas, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, and the African direction is gaining popularity.

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