Students of the Faculty of Ecology met with a representative of All-Union research and development centre Ecology

Students of the Faculty of Ecology met with a representative of All-Union research and development centre Ecology

Graduate students of the Faculty of Ecology met with the main specialist of organizing the activities of All-Union research and development centre (VNII) Ecology, Angelica Burma. Students talked about their research projects and received tips on building a career.

On November 16, on the basis of the Department of Forensic Ecology with a course in human ecology at the RUDN University Faculty of Ecology, a meeting was held for graduate students in the field of "Ecology and Nature Management", "Energy and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology" with the representative of the All-Russian Research Institute of Ecology - the main specialist in organizing the activities of the institute Angelica Burma.

Students made reports on their scientific work. The guest was particularly interested in the work “Study of the parameters of the electromagnetic field around the power transmission line”, “Assessment of the impact of production factors on the health of employees”, “Application of ionizing radiation sources in medicine and assessment of the degree of their impact on personnel”. The beginning of this work was laid during the students' internship in summer together with Ecozhilstroy LLC in Krasnogorsk City Hospital No. 1. The guys tried to figure out the reasons for the constant poor health of the staff. In particular, it turned out that in the immediate vicinity of the hospital there is a high-voltage power transmission line, and although the hospital building itself is located outside the sanitary protection strip of the power transmission line, there is a checkpoint, many pedestrian walkways and even car parking on the strip, which contradicts the construction and sanitary standards. Angelica Burma recommended to continue the research, as well as transfer the material collected on violations of the law to the city administration to eliminate violations.

Angelica Burma also made a presentation on the activities of VNII Ecology and the practical aspects of conducting a forensic environmental review. Students asked a lot of questions regarding their further studies, careers and scientific work, in particular - what priority areas are being studied at VNII Ecology and whether it is possible to conduct research together with the institute; if it is possible to get a job in this organization and what skills and knowledge are needed for this. Angelica shared her own experience as a recent graduate of the faculty. According to her, the knowledge acquired by students within the walls of the faculty, in practice, during research, is enough for employment. It is important to correctly compose a resume and not immediately apply for leading positions, and passing practical training should be considered not only as part of the educational process, but use them as a launching pad for building a career.

For reference:

VNII Ecology is the oldest institute dealing with environmental protection and conservation. The Institute is a subordinate organization of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation. The main objective of VNII Ecology is the scientific and methodological support of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia in the field of state policy and regulation in the field of environmental protection, the implementation by the state of measures for the protection and sustainable use of natural resources. For many years, VNII Ecology has been the basis for industrial and research practice.

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