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Life in RUDN
16 Apr
I always felt Russian in my heart

Pushkin’s fairy tales, love for children, launching of a new educational program and a future dissertation at Oxford. How childhood affections influenced the choice of University? What role did the prestige of the RUDN University play in Sri Lanka? And how does student Kasuni Pokunegoda see her future?

Life in RUDN
15 Apr
Congratulations on the anniversary of Vladimir Filippov — President of RUDN University

The university has always been top-of-mind for him 24/7. They have become inseparable. We do not know anyone who loves RUDN University as much as he does, anyone who has invested so much strength, soul, mind and energy in the development of the University. And this love is mutual.

13 Apr
RUDN University mathematician suggested new approach to cooperative game

A mathematician from RUDN University developed a matrix representation of set functions. This approach is vivid and easy to check, and it makes the calculations easier. Among other things, the new development can be applied to cooperative game theory.

07 Apr
A Chemist from RUDN University Developed A New Type of One-Molecule Thick Water-Repellent Film

A chemist from RUDN University together with colleagues created a new type of two-dimensional nanofilm from an organic material called calixarene. The invention can be used as a protective coating in electronics and as a part of molecular filters. They also suggested a way of increasing the durability of such films with UV radiation.

02 Apr
Garlic and selenium increase stress resistance in carps, says a RUDN University biologist

A biologist from RUDN University confirmed that selenium nanoparticles and garlic extract can effectively reduce the negative impact of stress on the health of grass carp in the breeding industry.

01 Apr
RUDN University mathematicians reduced neural network size six times without post-training

A team of mathematicians from RUDN University found a way to reduce the size of a trained neural network six times without spending additional resources on re-training it. The approach is based on finding a correlation between the weights of neural connections in the initial system and its simplified version.

31 Mar
Dentists from RUDN University Presented a New Classification of Root Canal Shape Changes

Individual characteristics of the shape and cross-section of the root canal are one of the main issues for dentists. When treating a root canal, a doctor needs to properly clean it, fill it, and carry out a rebuilding procedure so that a canal is sealed. The first stage of endodontic treatment requires detailed knowledge of root canal anatomy. A team of dentists from RUDN University studied and classified various changes in root canal shapes. The new classification will help doctors avoid diagnostic errors, better select their tools, and treat patients more efficiently.

All events
22 - 24 Apr
XXII international scientific and practical conference "Current problems of ecology and nature management: partnership for sustainable development and environmental safety"
Direction: Education
Event format: Сonference
22 Apr
Seminar “Biotransport Mechanisms in Adaptive Immunity (in English)”
Lymph nodes are immune information collection and transfer junctions, where immune cells are housed in sufficient numbers and varieties to develop effective immune responses. It is therefore the job of the lymphatic system to gather information, including free antigen, antigen presenting cells, cytokines and other immune cells/signals, from the periphery and deliver them to the node for further processing.
23 Apr
Master class “Filter on a knees”
A master class "Filter on the knees" will be held for schoolchildren and applicants. In interactive mode, students will be shown the basic physical and chemical properties of water and will be taught how to make a water filter on a knee. Speaker-Docent of the Department of Applied Ecology, member of the Public Council at the MPR and OSCE expert, expert of Rosprirodnadzor, Candidate of Economic Sciences-Pinaev V. E.
Direction: Science
Event format: Master class
29 Apr
Scientific seminar «Remediation of TNT-contaminated water»
In the process of demilitarization of explosives, army ammunition plants generate a waste stream known as pink water. The principal component of the wastewater is the nitro-aromatic compound 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT).
Direction: Science
Event format: Seminar
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