Research Institutes
The scope of the Institute for Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications includes the development of new mobile communication technologies, the software to improve the capacity of data transmission channels.
Konstantin Samuylov
The Joint Institute for Chemical Research analyzes the synthesis of new drugs for the treatment of oncological and neuropsychiatric diseases; performs computer modeling of the biological activity of molecules, establishes the structure and properties of substances, determines their initial biological activity; as well as patents the tested methods of synthesis and biological activity.
Victor Khrustalev
S.M. Nikol’skii Mathematical Institute conducts research in the field of functional analysis, theory of functional spaces, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, nonlinear analysis, spectral theory of differential operators.
Alexander Skubachevskii
All events
8 Feb
Gala evening dedicated to the 60th anniversary of RUDN
This year, RUDN University is celebrating its 60th anniversary. This is not such a serious age for a university, but for people it is definitely an important date in life. And the celebration of the sixtieth anniversary is more like a friends’ reunion with memories and gifts dear to the heart from our loved ones. According to the old and good tradition, students and graduates will prepare a gala concert. It will be a warm and sincere event, a holiday for all graduates, academics, staff, students and friends of the University. Over the years, the RUDN family has grown and still continues to grow, so the whole world will gather at the Kremlin's 60th anniversary. What awaits the guests? Unique concert numbers specially prepared for the 60th anniversary from students, as well as creative gifts from graduates and friends of the University. The evening will be opened by soloists of the studio of academic vocal Maria Zhekova (Bulgaria), Bris Fuaco (Côte d’Ivoire), Elina Shatskaya (Russia), Gennady Zheravov (Ukraine), a Choir of students from southern Africa. They will perform classic popular world hits accompanied by a symphony orchestra of A.P. Borodin, House of Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, artistic director and conductor Pavel Lando. Further, all the guests will be circled by the “Round dance of friendship” - bright national costumes, dances, songs and musical instruments! The program will include songs and dances of the peoples of Russia, Kalmykia, South Africa, Serbia, Germany, Congo, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Guinea Conakry, Benin, Mozambique, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Bolivia, Madagascar, Palestine, Yemen, Moldova, Vietnam, Buryatia, Armenia, Peru, Mongolia, Cote d'Ivoire, Palestine, China, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, France, Tunisia, Indonesia and Algeria. The final will be creative gifts from graduates and friends of the university. Let it remain an intrigue for everyone, let’s just say that there will be real rock’n’roll, a jazz show and Bollywood! But a real feast is a lot of surprises that are prepared by all those who love RUDN University. Just a little time is left until the great feast of the year. February 8, people from almost all over the world united by love for RUDN University will gather in the concert hall of the Kremlin. Beginning at 5:00 pm
Direction: Life in RUDN
Event format: Concert
6 Feb
International Scientific and Practical Conference «University Values in a Globalizing World»
February 6, 2020, the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Vital Values of the University in a Globalizing World" timed to the 60th anniversary of RUDN University will be held.
Direction: Science
Event format: Сonference
5 Feb
Celebrating the 60th anniversary of RUDN University for graduates of Law Institute
Dear graduates, RUDN Law Institute invites you to take part in celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the university! Graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Law / Faculty of Law / Law Institute of different years from many countries of the world meet again in the walls of their Alma Mater.
Direction: Education
Event format: Meeting
Organizer: Law Institute