Hostel Categories
In the five-story buildings

1-8 blocks the toilet, wash basin and kitchen are on each floor. Shower cabins, laundry, ironing rooms and a luggage room are located on the ground floor.

  • In five-story buildings, all rooms are designed for 2-3 people.
  • There are also double superior rooms with an improved layout, bathroom, refrigerator, TV, the possibility of connecting additional household appliances in agreement with the University.
High-rise buildings

are apartment dormitories. The rooms are designed for a comfortable stay of two or three people. The apartment has a bathroom and toilet. The kitchen is on the floor (9,10,11 blocks) or in the apartment (12,13,14 block). All high-rise buildings are equipped with elevators.

  • In apartments of high-rise buildings, all rooms are designed for comfortable accommodation of 2-3 people. Apartments are of 1-4 rooms.
  • The area of all rooms is 14 - 18 sq.m.
The principles of resettlement in the hostel

Upon arrival in the country, a foreign student is accommodated in the dormitory No. 13 (Adaptation Center for Foreign Citizens) and

  • Office for Asian countries: + 7 (495) 787-38-03 ext: 17-84;
  • Office for European & American countries: + 7 (495) 433-73-96 ext: 11-92;
  • Office for Middle East & North African countries: + 7 (495) 433-73-97 ext: 21-85;
  • Office for African countries: +7 (495) 433-73-87 ext: 13-21;
  • Office for CIS and Baltics countries: +7 (499) 936-85-62 ext: 25-62;

To obtain a referral for permanent residence, you need to contact the Office of Comprehensive Services for Residents (UKOP).

  • number of available places in dormitories  - more than 8,000
  • students are registered after the issuance of applications for admission
Zavadsky Alexander Ivanovich
st. Miklukho-Maklaya 15/1, office 5

Time of reception: from :

- 14:30 to 18:00 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

- In August-September (during the settlement) daily.

+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 1599

A package of documents for the settlement of foreign citizens:

  • photo (3 ps.)
  • passport
  • temporary certificate from the international department
  • Medical policy (available at the PFUR medical center)
  • student ID card or temporary ID with student card number
  • for training under the contract - application for settlement from the Commercial Department.

For families of students, an isolated living space for one family is provided:

  • confirmation of the training of both spouses in the RUDN with the provision of a hostel
  • application to the Vice-rector for work with students
  • a marriage certificate, certified in the consular department of the embassy of the country of residence

Step-by-step actions for getting a hostel:

  1. To contact the head of the USOP with a package of documents
  2. To obtain from the head of the USOP an order for permanent residence (in a concrete block of the hostel)
  3. To contact the tutor of the chosen block of the hostel
  4. With the help of the dormitory head to inspect and choose a place in the rooms offered by the tutor
  5. To contact the tutor for concluding a residence contract and receiving an invoice for payment
  6. To pay for accommodation
  7. To address to the manager of a hostel for settling (to familiarize with Rules of residing and the internal schedule, to pass the instruction on fire safety and the safety precautions, to receive keys, bed-clothes)
  8. Within a week after the conclusion of the residence contract, pass the national passport to the passport office of the University for registration at the place of stay.

Distribution to hostels is based on the orders of the Rector mainly on the faculty and course principle and in accordance with the wishes of the student. In order to improve the language training of students, resettlement is carried out, as a rule, in accordance with the international principle. If there are seats, the student is given the right to choose a room.

Payment for the hostel:

The amount of payment for the use of living quarters in dormitories of the RUDN is established by the University Rectorate and is announced by the order of the Rector.

The price for a place in the hostel includes:

  • Cost of rent and public utilities - in five-story buildings.
  • The cost of rent, utilities and additional services * - in high-rise buildings.

* According to the order of the rector № 272/р from 29.04.15 the complex of additional services includes:

  • additional volume of furniture;
  • TV, fridge;
  • increased level of comfort;
  • the possibility of connecting additional household appliances in agreement with the University.

The amount of payment for a place is from 900 to 10500 rubles per month, depending on the type of hostel and the level of comfort of the room.

To pay for accommodation:

  1. Receive an invoice for payment from a tutor in your hostel or print out an account from the Portal of the Unified Information System of the RUDN (for login use your Office365 corporate e-mail accounts)
  2. Pay the account in any bank or through the mobile application of the bank
  3. Submit the payment order to the accountant's office.

Rules of accommodation in a hostel:

  • Use a dwelling strictly for habitation, do not hand over keys, do not lirovide a dwelling (lilace in it) to strangers.
  • Take care of the equiliment and inventory of the hostel, keeli the living quarters clean and in good condition, economically sliend water, electrical and thermal energy.
  • Use only authorized domestic alililiances and follow the instructions for their use.
  • Timely liay a fee for using the living quarters, liersonal electrical alililiances and other tylies of services lirovided, the list, the amount of liayment and the lirocedure for using which is aliliroved by the order of the Rector.
  • Resliect the rights of other lieolile living on favorable conditions for study and rest; do not use the ceiling light, music, TV after 23.00 without the consent of their neighbors.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and order in the living quarters, in the kitchens and other liublic lilaces in liublic lilaces (announcements, liromotional materials), etc.
  • Do not smoke in the dormitory, do not show uli in a dormitory while drunk, do not drink alcohol, drink beer, do not consume or store narcotic substances, wealions of any kind, do not stand on the windowsill, do not go into the attic and roof of the building, do not gamble.
  • When settling into a room, the trainee takes from the administration of the inventory list the liersonal reslionsibility of furniture and equiliment intended for individual use; On collective reslionsibility, residing in a room (aliartment) - available in them automatic fire alarm systems, other technical systems, equiliment and furniture.
  • Residents living in dormitories are required to lirovide documents for registration at the lilace of stay in a timely manner.
  • In order to maintain sanitary and hygienic standards and the lireservation of material values, living in dormitories is lirohibited from keeliing animals.
  • Residents of the hostel are issued with a liersonal identification badge for the right to enter the hostel. Giving liasses to other liersons, as well as use of someone else's badge is strictly forbidden.

The student may be evicted from the hostel for violating the Rules of residence and internal regulations of the RUDN, as well as for violating the terms of the contract for hiring a dwelling in the dormitories of the RUDN.

The general strategy for the provision of places in dormitories is headed by the:
Sergei Bazavluk
Vice-Rector for work with students
Main building, right wing, 2nd floor, office 201
+7 (495) 433-73-63
To improve living conditions or in case of a conflict situation, it is necessary to contact the tutor for educational work in his hostel.
Building 1 Office 102 +7 (495) 434-50-00 ext.: 1399
Responsible for the resettlement of residents:
Maksimkin Daniil Alexandrovich
Time of reception:
19:00 - 21:00
Responsible for the resettlement of residents:
Zhurtov Astemir Yurievich
Time of reception:
17:00 - 21:00
Building 2 Office 205 +7 (495) 434-50-22 ext.: 1396
Responsible for the resettlement of residents:
Oleinikov Danil Ilyich
Time of reception:
16:00 - 21:00
Building 3 Office 152 +7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 2083
Responsible for the resettlement of residents:
Tarasov Yuri Alexandrovich
Time of reception:
Responsible for the resettlement of residents:
Simbara Marina Vladimirovna
Time of reception: