22 Mar
RUDN Rector Vladimir Filippov again elected member of UNESCO «Education 2030» Program Steering Committee

The program is targeted at ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

21 Mar
Russian Journal of Linguistics in Scopus database

Vestnik Rossiiskogo Universiteta Druzhby Narodov. Seriya: Lingvistika / Russian Journal of Linguistics has been evaluated for inclusion in Scopus by the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB). The review is now complete and the CSAB has advised that the journal will be accepted for inclusion in Scopus.

International cooperation
20 Mar
«Arab World and New Challenges. What Shall Economy Do?» Development perspectives of Russia and the Arab world discussed at RUDN

13 March, RUDN hosted an international conference «Arab World and New Challenges. What Shall Economy Do?», where more than 100 participants from Algeria, Bahrein, Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Jordan and Russia discussed the economic situation in the Middle East and North Africa and the development of business cooperation between Russia and Arab world.

International cooperation
15 Mar
«India and Russia: cross-cultural synergy». RUDN experts at a conference in Delhi

22 – 23 February, 2018, Delhi hosted an international research conference «India and Russia: cross-cultural synergy» devoted to the 70th anniversary of the first in India.

13 Mar
Strategies of higher education in a globalized digital world discussed in Bahrein. RUDN takes part in QS Maple 2018 international conference

4 - 6 March, RUDN took part in QS Maple 2018 international conference in Manama (Bahrein) to discuss competitive higher education with representatives of 70 universities of Asia, Middle East, Great Britain and USA.

Life in RUDN
12 Mar
Student from SAR becomes Mister RUDN Association of African students - 2018

2 March, RUDN chose the King of Africa or Mister RUDN Association of African students – Zim Sankvella (SAR), first-year student of the Agrarian and Technological Institute who won over students from Cameroon, Chad, Namibia, Angola, Ethiopia and SAR. Vice-Mister was Binga Medesh (Angola), third place was taken by Naftalu Kuume (Namibia).

26 - 29 Nov
The 5th International Conference «Function Spaces. Differential Operators. Problems of Mathematical Education»
The conference dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the corresponding member of RAS, academician of European Academy of Sciences L.D. Kudryavtsev.
Direction: Science
8 - 11 Oct
The II International Summit on Scientific Research on 5G Networks «5G Summit R&D Russia»
The First Summit “5G Summit R&D Russia” was held in 2017 and became the first event in Russia providing a platform for joint work and exchange of ideas on new 5G technologies among sector leaders, innovators, researchers and the academic community. Particular attention at the First Summit was given to the perspective on long-term changes and innovations in the sphere of digitizing megacities, namely Moscow.
17 - 21 Sep
The III International School on Applied Probability Theory and Communications Technology (APTCT-2018)
The school will bring together researchers from academic and industrial communities from different countries to discuss developments and prospects for cooperation in the sphere of applied probability theory and applications, distributed computer and telecommunications networks, mathematical modeling, methods of management and optimization of distributed systems.
2 Jun - 31 May
The III National Congress "Oncology of Reproductive Organs: from Prevention and Early Detection to Effective Treatment". Interdisciplinary Forum "Breast Medicine"
Neoplasms still occupy the second place in the structure of all causes of death of Russians, leading to no less than 15.5% of all deaths. Besides, precancerous and cancerous diseases of female and male reproductive organs are one of the most acute problems in Russia, since they account for almost 40% of all cancer morbidity in our country.
Direction: Science
29 - 31 May
VII International Scientific Conference «New trends, strategies and structural changes in emerging markets»
The conference aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and identifying emerging challenges and problems during instability in the world economy, presentation of the results of analysis of new trends, structural changes and strategies for the development of economic systems in the emerging markets in a "new reality" in determining the impact of these processes on the modernization and innovative development of economic systems, economic growth and overcoming the consequences of the global crisis.
17 May
«Science begins at school»
The VIII competition of school projects of humanitarian, social and economic, natural science, medical-biological and technical profiles for pupils of Moscow and Moscow region is held in RUDN University.
“It doesn’t matter whether you have any special health needs, you ought to study with others”
Denis Kondratiev
student of the Law Institute
RUDN University
Nogeira Martinsh Dush Ramusha Edmildo, student of the Faculty of Science
“I have created “PASTP” - the largest academic information portal for students from San Tome e Principe, Portugal, Brazil, Morocco and other countries which acts like a guide-book of Russia. I can see my site becoming more interesting, it is like a small
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