International cooperation
06 Aug
RUDN visit to Lebanon: on the growth of interest in the Russian language and Russian education and the launch of a joint Russian-Lebanese master's program

Vice-Rector for International Affairs Larisa Efremova and Director of the Department of International Scientific and Educational Cooperation Alexey Poyda visited Lebanon to hold talks on expanding cooperation with Lebanese universities. Universities-partners noted an increase in the students’ interest in studying the Russian language and studying in Russia. The visit was supported by the Association of RUDN Alumni in Lebanon and the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Beirut.

02 Aug
“Our technique allows us to do express analysis and select high-quality medicinal plant materials, which means improving the quality of drugs based on them,” - Vera Zhilkina, IBCTN, RUDN University

July 6-11, RUDN experts presented papers at the 44th Congress of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies “From Molecules to Living Systems” in Poland

International cooperation
02 Aug
RUDN University signs a Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of science and education with 23 private universities in Indonesia

August 1, a delegation of the Association of Private Universities of Indonesia visited RUDN University. The guests visited RUDN laboratories and research centers, got acquainted with the educational programs of the main faculties of the university, and discussed issues of academic and research cooperation. The meeting ended with signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of science and education between the RUDN University and 23 Indonesian universities.

01 Aug
“In Sri Lanka one must smile and help. Even to strangers”, graduate of RUDN University Dasanayake Darshika

A graduate of the IHBiT of RUDN University, Dasanayake Darshika, says that Sri Lanka is more than a beach, and shares her experience of studying and volunteering.

31 Jul
Postdoc from the Тomsk State University visits the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Communications Technology of the RUDN University

A new postdoc appeared at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Communications Technology of the RUDN University, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Ekaterina Lisovskaya.

30 Jul
“Students from European countries are convinced that the police in their countries act strictly within the framework of the law,” - Maria Simonova, Director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Comparative Educational Policy of RUDN University

Maria Simonova, Director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Comparative Educational Policy at RUDN University presented a study “Trust in the judiciary and state systems as the main characteristics of civil and civil liberties in modern society” at the XI International Conference of Applied Research in Politics, Economics, Social Sciences and Technology (ARICPEST) 2019 in London.

4 Sep
Jérôme Long (University of Montpellier, France) «Multifunctional molecule-based magnets: slow relaxation, luminescence and above room-temperature ferroelectricity»
Coordination chemistry of lanthanide ions allows the tailored design of multifunctional ferroelectric molecule-based materials where the properties are gathered into a single molecular system. We investigate here, by using luminescent and magnetically anisotropic lanthanides ions assembled with an enantiopure antenna ligand, the synthesis of high temperature ferroelectric complexes having a high degree of functionality, combining Single-Molecule Magnet behavior, optical activity and lanthanide luminescence. Remarkably, these molecular systems behave as ferroelectrics up to a temperature above 180 K of the Curie temperature of BaTiO3, making it the highest temperature working molecular ferroelectric yet reported. Remarkably, investigation of the magnetoelectrical coupling at room temperature confirms their great potential as multiferroics.
4 Sep
Joulia Larionova (University of Montpellier, France) «Prussian blue type nano-objects: new opportunities for old materials»
Prussian Blue type nanoparticles are exciting nano-objects that combine the advantages of molecule-based materials and nanochemistry. They are made by transition metal ions or lanthanides assembled through cyano-bridged ligand into nano-sized architectures of the general formula AxMyII[M’III(CN)6]z (where A is a monovalent cation, MII and M’III are transition metal ions or lanthanides). These nano-objects attracted a great deal of interest during the last ten years due to their specific molecule-based nature that is different compared to other inorganic nanoparticles. This lecture will provide a brief critical look on the recent advancement in this field of research focalising on the design of PB type nano-objects and their nanocomposites promising as nanoprobes for imaging, as therapeutic agents for photothermal therapy, as well as agents for Cs+ decontamination.
17 - 29 Sep
Сrimean autumn mathematical school-symposium (KROMSh-2019)
The scientific program includes plenary 50-minute lectures of invited, as well as sections in the following areas:
23 - 27 Sep
XXII International Conference on Distributed Computer and Communication Networks: Control, Computation, Communications (DCCN-2019)
The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), the V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of RAS (ICS RAS, Russia, Moscow), the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University, Russia, Moscow),the National Research Tomsk State University (NR TSU, Russia, Tomsk), and the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria, Sofia) jointly organize
30 Sep - 4 Oct
Mathematical modelling in biomedicine
The conference will present the state of the art in mathematical modelling in biomedicine including cardiovascular diseases, cancer modelling, mathematical oncology. Methods of modelling and mathematical analysis of the corresponding models will also be discussed.
7 - 11 Oct
IV International School on Applied Probability Theory and Communications Technology
The Training School features a program of lectures delivered by leading experts in the area of 5G networks. The objective of the School is to give attendees a global view, with an insight into some specific aspects, on research in key features of the emerging 5G technologies from the networking perspective, addressing models, architectures and applications. Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in stimulating discussions with leading experts, obtain useful feedback, and initiate new collaborations. Lectures will provide the background on 5G wireless communications networks concepts. In the course of the lectures, connections will be made to network architectures and protocol design, including radio resource management issues, while also introducing the mathematics associated with analysis and optimisation of the emerging wireless communication systems.
Our team does not need any team building techniques, we all know what is required of us, and everyone does everything for the result. During the time spent side by side in the gym, we have all become friends and help each other.
Andrey Andreev
captain of RUDN men's power lifting team
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RUDN University
Luque Alvarez De Sotomayor Rafael
Director of the Scientific Center for Molecular Design and Synthesis of Innovative Compounds for Medicine
Director of RUDN Scientific Center of the Joint Institute of Chemical Research is among the most cited scientists in the world
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