Assistant Professor
Faculty of Science


  • RF laws and other regulatory legal acts on higher professional education issues;
  • local regulations of the educational institution;
  • state educational standards for relevant higher professional education programs;
  • theory and methods of management of educational systems;
  • curriculum development procedure;
  • rules for maintaining academic records;
  • fundamentals of pedagogy, physiology, psychology;
  • methodology of vocational training;
  • modern forms and methods of training and education;
  • methods and ways of using educational technologies, including distance;
  • requirements for work on personal computers, other electronic digital devices, including those intended for information transmission;
  • fundamentals of ecology, law and sociology;
  • rules on labor protection and fire safety.



  • Higher professional education, PhD, minimum 1 year of teaching and research experience at a university;
  • Minimum 3 publications in Web of Science/Scopus journals in recent 3 years (Subject area Chemistry);
  • English min. C1;
  • Hirsch Index: at least 2;

Job description:


  • organize and carry out educational and methodical work on the taught discipline or certain types of training;
  • participate in the research work of the department and other departments of the educational institution;
  • take part in the development of teaching aids, laboratory tasks, practical exercises and seminars;
  • organize and plan training methodological and technical support;
  • take part in educational work with students and trainees, their research work and vocational guidance;
  • participate in seminars, meetings and conferences organized in the framework of the research areas of the department, and other events of the educational institution




  • Full-time (minimum 1 semester);
  • Salary (full-time tariff) – 60000 Rub. (~900$ gross, VAT - 30% in the first 182 days of full work, further VAT is 13%) + bonuses;
  • Labour contract (performance-based employment contract);
  • Work schedule 6/1 (36 hours per week, 144 hours per month);
  • Business trips - possible.


Apply during 1 month after info placement on RUDN web-site (22.02.2019)


Accommodation in RUDN hostel:

Accommodation in an apartment for all the period of the labor contract.