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Yuri Moseykin
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the RUDN University, Head of Department of National Economy at the Faculty of Economics
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Department of Accounting, Audit and Statistics

Founded: 1997.

The head of the department: Maria Petrovskaya, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor.

The scientific interests of the department relate to current issues of accounting and auditing in various areas: in trade and business, in industry and construction, in banks and enterprises, non-profit and government organizations. Methodology and targets in accounting, the use of modern systems and programs, financial reporting, performance evaluation, statistics and taxation issues - a wide range of topics covers the department in its research work.

The department consists of scientists and experts, many of whom are part-time practicing chief accountants, auditors, tax consultants of enterprises and firms in Moscow. The faculty of the department conducts classes in more than 50 disciplines. The department prepares specialists in accounting and auditing, able to ensure the economic security of their company and determine its financial strategy.

The department pays great attention to the professional and creative development of students, for example the student association "Accounting, analysis and audit" was organized. A seminar on “Current issues of accounting, taxation and economic analysis” is held every month. Teachers and students of the department participate in scientific conferences and professional discussions, where they exchange experience and knowledge with colleagues.

For students, the department regularly organizes business trainings with the participation of large companies: Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Nestle, ConsultantPlus, etc.

The Dean
Maria Petrovskaya
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
Department contacts
+7 (495) 433-94-04
Aud: 38-40

Department of Ibero-American Studies

Founded: 2016

The Head of the department is Professor Vladimir Davydov, Doctor of Economics, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a world-class scientist, the largest specialist for Latin America and the countries of the Iberian Peninsula, scientific director of the Institute of Latin American Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Ibero-America is a part of the world, including 35 Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries in Europe and Latin America with a common historical past. The value of this region in recent decades has increased significantly. Therefore, it is so interesting and important to study it and observe its development.
The interest of scientists is the economic and political life of the many-sided Ibero-American region, its historical path, cultural development, role on the world stage. Special attention is paid to the current status and prospects of Ibero-America.

The department was created as a platform that brings together Ibero-American scientists for joint research.


The Dean
Vladimir Davydov
Doctor of Economics
Department contacts
+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 2470

Department of Foreign Languages

Founded: 2000.

The Head of the department is Professor Elena Malyuga, Doctor of Philology, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS); Chairman of the National Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages ​​of Business and Professional Communication in the Field of Business; Editor-in-Chief of the educational journal “Issues of Applied Linguistics”, co-editor of the international scientific journal “Training, Language and Culture”.

The department consists of 40 teachers of 6 foreign languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese. The department implements the "Translator" educational program for students of all directions of the Faculty, as well as additional education programs "Multi-level study of foreign languages", "Preparation for international exams", "Intensives in a foreign language for business communication", "Practical course".
The field of scientific interests of the department lies in the study of a foreign language with a focus on professional activities, current trends in specialized translation, teaching students of non-linguistic universities professional communication in the language, the use of IT-technologies in the educational process.

The department cooperates with linguistic universities of the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany and also universities of Russia and the CIS countries. Together with Cambridge University the department opened a center for certification exams with exam preparation courses.

The Dean
Elena Malyuga
Doctor of Philology
Department contacts
+7 (495) 434-53-56 ext.: 2469, 2453
Aud: sadovskaya-sa@rudn.ru

Department of Marketing

Founded: 2009.

The Head of the department is Professor Alexander Zobov, PhD in Economics, Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation.

The Department consists of young specialists and experts representing advanced scientific schools of Russia, as well as practicing marketers of large Russian and foreign companies.
The scientists of the department conduct research work on topical issues of marketing management, marketing analytics, trade marketing, brand management, product marketing, marketing communications.

Teachers of the department help students gaining professional skills: to stimulate the sale of goods and services, to generate demand, to build up the sales and pricing policy of the company, to respond quickly to changing conditions in the modern market.
The Marketing Department cooperates with leading Russian and foreign companies - Nestle, Adidas, Coca-Cola, OBI, Kaspersky, M-Video, etc. Representatives of the companies conduct classes and master classes for students. Graduates have annually internships in partner companies, a significant part of them subsequently remains there to work on a permanent basis.

The department actively develops international academic mobility: up to half of the students annually study at foreign universities.

The Dean
Alexander Zobov
Professor, PhD in Economics
Department contacts
+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 1349
Aud: 31-32

Department of Management

Founded: 1996.

The Head of the department is Professor Victor Efremov, Doctor of Economics.

The Department prepares bachelors in Management (“General Management”, “Production Management” and “Human Resource Management” profiles), as well as masters in “International Management” and “Personnel Management in Cross-Cultural Environment” profiles.
There are 24 teachers in the department, including scientists and experts in various fields of management. Most of the staff of the department are practicing specialists and consultants, representatives of Russian and foreign companies.
The research work of the department covers a wide range of problems of general management, human resource management and production management.

The department develops scientific cooperation with organizations and universities of Russia, CIS countries and Europe. Every year the department holds scientific and practical conferences: “Socially-oriented management in the context of globalization”, “Lifelong learning: mechanisms of interaction between professional communities and universities of the CIS countries” and others.

The Dean
Victor Efremov
Professor, Doctor of Economics
Department contacts
+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 2460
Aud: 106

Department of International Economic Relations

Founded: 1992.

The Head of the department is Nikolai Gusakov, Doctor of Economics, Professor Emeritus of the RUDN-University.

The Department teaches students of the following directions and profiles: "Accounting, analysis and audit", "Marketing", "World Economy", "Advertising", "Finance and Credit". A wide range of disciplines is taught in both Russian and English.
The research work of the department covers current issues of the world economy including: international economic relations, foreign economic activity, world trade, customs and tariff regulation, market relations, demographic and social processes, international monetary funds, banking operations and payment systems, insurance and security.

The department consists of teachers – PhDs and Doctors of Economics. External experts who work in large Russian and foreign companies are also involved in the academic and scientific life of the department. Teachers of the department are actively involved in the implementation of double degree programs with foreign partner universities at the level of bachelor, master and postgraduate studies.
Extracurricular activities of the department are multifaceted: scientific conferences, master classes of famous scientists and practitioners, economic schools for students of the faculty with visiting universities of Colombia, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Bahrain, Serbia and other countries.

The Dean
Nikolay Gusakov
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Department contacts
+7 (495) 433-50-29 ext.: 2464
Aud: 114-116

Department of National Economy

Founded: 2016 (Formed by merging the oldest departments of the Faculty: the Department of Enterprise Economics and Entrepreneurship; the Department of Macroeconomic Regulation and Planning; the Department of Organization and Management of Industry; the Department of Economics, Organization and Management of Agriculture).

The Head of the department is Professor Yuri Moseykin, Doctor of Economics.

The scientific work of the department is conducted in modern areas of economic activity: planning management and evaluation of business, crisis management, innovation policy, strategies and tactics of business development, economics of industries, psychology and ethics of entrepreneurship.

The teachers of the department published dozens of textbooks and manuals, including those under the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. The department trains students in a specific (applied) economy, affecting all aspects of the economic activities of enterprises, industries and complexes of the national economy. Part of the training takes place in the format of business trainings, for which practitioners who are successful in entrepreneurial and consulting activities are involved.

School of a young entrepreneur which prepares young people for entrepreneurial activities provides information and consulting support exists at the department. Studying at the School involves theoretical studies by leading teachers of the department and master classes by practitioners who are successful in business and entrepreneurship.

The Dean
Yuri Moseykin
Professor, Doctor of Economics
Department contacts
+7 (495) 433-20-29 ext.: 2481
Aud: 30 / 30a

Vladimir Stanis’ Department of Political Economy

Founded: 1961

The Head of the department is Professor Elena Ponomarenko, Doctor of Economics.

The Department prepares bachelors and masters of the "Economics” direction on the following profiles: "Management", "Marketing", "Customs". The department also introduces the basics of economic theory to students of the Agrarian-Technological, Medical and Law Institutes, the Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences, the Institute of World Economy and Business of the RUDN University.

The teachers of the department are scientists and researchers, members of academic and scientific organizations in Russia and abroad. Textbooks and teaching materials written by teachers of the department are recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for educating economics for students.
The scientific interests of the department are economics and finance of the public sector, international economic integration, the internal and external economy of the Russian Federation.

The extracurricular activities of the department are many-sided: scientific seminars and conferences, master classes of scientists and practitioners, economic schools for students visiting universities in France, Portugal, USA, China and other countries. Every year the department holds the International Scientific and Practical Conference at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (UNS) (France).

The Dean
Elena Ponomarenko
Professor, Doctor of Economics
Department contacts
+7 (495) 434-20-29 ext.: 2474, 2475
Aud: 22-24

Department of Regional Economics and Geography

Founded: 1961

The Head of the department is Veronika Kholina, PhD in Geographical Sciences, associate professor.

The Department participates in the preparation of bachelors of the direction "Economics" (profile "Economics of the city") as well as masters of the direction "Economics" (specialization "Financial management in sectors of the economy").

The department consists of scientists and researchers, authors of textbooks and manuals on economic geography. Employees of the department undergo internships and give lectures in universities in Russia and foreign countries, in particular, at the University of Northern Kentucky (USA), the National University, Al-Farabi (Kazakhstan), University Megatrend (Serbia), Economic University in Katowice (Poland).
The scientific interests of the department affect regional changes in the global commodity markets of industrial and agricultural products, spatial patterns of economic and political development, the regional economy of Russia and foreign countries.

The department develops cooperation with colleagues - scientists from Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Serbia.
For achievements in the training of specialists and publications the department was awarded the Gold Department of Russia Medal of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2006).

The Dean
Veronika Kholina
PhD in Geographical Sciences, associate professor
Department contacts
+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 2477, 2478
Aud: 26-28

Department of Customs

Date of foundation: 2014

The Head of the department is Tatiana Saurenko, Doctor of Economics, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Military Sciences, author of over 80 publications, monographs, and textbooks.

The Department prepares the specialists of the direction “Customs” in three profiles: “Customs control”, “Customs payments”, “Customs and business”.
Scientific activity of the department involves issues of customs, customs policy, features of foreign economic activity and currency regulation, logistics and anti-corruption, current problems of the activities of customs authorities and the Customs Union.

Teachers of the department participate in international scientific conferences and seminars, improve their skills during internships in customs. The results of their research were published in more than 200 articles and monographs.
The department has created a professional student community “Guardians of the Border” which purpose is to deepen students' knowledge of customs regulation in the Eurasian Economic Commission.

The Dean
Veronika Kholina
Doctor of Economics
Department contacts
+7 (495) 433-38-03 ext.: 2631
Aud: 328-329
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Faculty description

The Faculty of Economics has existed since the founding of the P. Lumumba’s University of Peoples' Friendship. In 1961, it was established as a Faculty of Economics and Law. And in 1995 it was transformed into a Faculty of Economics.
Today, the Faculty of Economics also includes an International School of Business - the Institute of World Economy and Business (IWEB). IWEB is one of the oldest business schools in Russia, it prepares top-qualified managers for the MBA program.
Our graduate economists successfully realize their potential in banks, insurance and investment companies, at enterprises and in customs, foreign trade organizations and state control bodies of foreign economic activity in more than 110 countries of the world.

The Faculty has 12 departments, which specialization comprehensively reflects the realities of modern economic life in Russia and foreign countries. The Faculty has more than 30 programs of higher education at all levels: bachelor, specialty, master and postgraduate studies. Four programs are studied in foreign languages: “International Marketing” (English), “International Trade” (English), “International Business” (English), “Contemporary Studies of Latin America” (Spanish).

Six master’s programs are implemented jointly with foreign universities:

  • "International Management" – jointly with the Network University of the CIS countries;
  • “International Trade” - with the Network University of the CIS countries;
  • “Management of international projects” - with the Network University of the CIS countries;
  • “Accounting, internal control and audit” - with the SCO University;
  • “International Trade” - with the National University of Science, Technology and Management (France);
  • “Management of international projects” - with the National University of Science, Technology and Management (France).

Most of the bachelor’s and master’s programs are internationally accredited and certified by the German FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation).
An internship program of inclusive education can be taken in universities of China, Germany, Britain, Spain, France and other countries.

The Faculty focuses its educational process on practice. Future economists have a possibility to master the skills and subtleties of the profession during their studies. Internships are held in leading Russian and foreign companies, in banks and Ministries.

Partners of the Faculty:

  • Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
  • Office of the Federal Tax Service in Moscow
  • Rocket and space industry organizations
  • Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation
  • Nestle
  • Fashion Consulting Group
  • Coca-Cola
  • Nielsen
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

Invited practitioners conduct master classes, round tables and webinars at the Faculty., students communicate with successful colleagues, learn about the profession, choose interesting areas of future work, agree on internships during lively dialogues.

Particular attention is paid to the issue of employment. Students are taught to correctly compose CVs, to undergo interviews according to the rules of business communication. The Faculty helps students and graduates to find work.

The “Economist” educational portal hosts job offers and internships. Students participate actively in Career days which provide opportunities to communicate directly with representatives of leading international and Russian companies, represent their CVs, take part in master classes and business games and get acquainted with internship programs in large Russian and international companies.

The Faculty offers additional education in language programs. “Interpreter in the field of professional communications” and “Foreign languages: professional and business communication” - such qualifications can be obtained by students in addition to the main specialty. You can choose English, German, Spanish, Chinese or French. Students have an opportunity to undergo language internships at universities in the UK (University of Westminster, Oxford Brooks, London Metropolitan University and others), Germany, Italy, China, France and Spain. The program "Foreign Languages: Professional and Business Communication" was examined by the University of Cambridge (UK).


The Faculty has 215 teachers, including:

  • 37 Professors and Doctors of Science;
  • 103 Associate Professors and PhDs;
  • 15 foreign Scientific and Pedagogical workers;
  • 12 full members and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and various public Academies of Sciences.

The Faculty members undergo internships and actively cooperate with leading universities in the USA, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Brazil, Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, etc.
Practitioners from leading Russian and foreign companies are regularly involved in conducting training sessions and master classes.

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14 Nov
Master-class "Internship in "Deloitte" by the leading expert of "Audit" department Peshkova E."
14 Nov
Master-class “Development of information technology in international trade”
6 Nov
Master-class "UNIDO Activities in Russia"